Replies to some appStore comments on KyPass

Thank you for all your comments on the appStore.
310 ratings for the moment for a average of 4 stars !

But it could be better… Some of these comments are not exact.
If you have found some bugs on KyPass: don’t be shy ! Contact me. We’ll fix these bloodies bugs together.

Poor ratings are not constructive.
Thank you again !

Please fix! – ★★★
by CSkyler – KyPass – Version 1.6 – 1 nov. 2011
Used to love this app! 5 stars! Now totally useless with OS5 update. Please fix!!!!!!

I don’t have this problem myself on all my iOS5 devices. You are the only one to have this problem. Could you retry ? And if you have this problem again, could you reinstall KyPass on your device ?

Important features missing – ★★
by Ipalogo – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 20 oct. 2011
This app is completely useless for me, as it ignores all custom fields in my KeePass databases. Also it appears to be basically identical to the former ‘MyKeePass’ app, though it’s got a nicer look now.

The custom fields are back in version 1.6.

great app – ★★
by romulus-cassius – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 15 oct. 2011
wait for key file protection :-), waiting for This option I congrate kypass developer. dropbox sync bug (exiting app and back to main menu 🙁

Great app but only 2 stars ??? Key file is working since version 1.4. Look at the handbook on this website.

It works – ★★
by NLman – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 11 oct. 2011
I chose it because of the dropbox functionality. The userinterface needs a rework, it is horrible.

Some people like it 🙂 But maybe I have to look for a true designer to help me.

3 thoughts on “Replies to some appStore comments on KyPass”

  1. I’m having an issue w/ 1.6 where it simply will not open my kdb file anymore. In trying to fix it I actually managed to nuke it off DropBox (you have no idea how thankful I am that DropBox lets you restore old versions).

    The file was originally created w/ KeyPass 1.12 or earlier, but I’m using 1.17 to 1.20 on my systems currently. If I try to open it in KyPass I get the following error:

    “File is not supported (error code:UnsupportedVersion)”

    I did just try deleting KyPass and reinstalling. Same error.

    I’m unsure if this was broken as of 1.6 or with the iOS5 upgrade. I am using an iPhone 4, no jailbreak.

  2. There is a very minor issue with the key symbol in top right hand corner when iPad in portrait orientation. The Key is superimposed on the Edit button.
    KyPass ver 1.7.1 iOS5.0.1

  3. Doesn’t work well for me.
    I can open my Keyfile and look at the Passwords – that’s ok. But it doesn’t work with the intarnal Browser or Safari on an Ipad.
    So the Auto-fill doesn’t work at all, and that was the reason I bought the app. 🙁

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