New application ? Help !

There is plenty of applications on the AppStore.

But… what do you miss personnaly ?

I’m currently thinking about my next software and I need your help ! What do you want ?

I’m also working on KyPass v1.7 (webdav, password generator, more synchronization method, custom icon). Don’t be afraid 🙂

6 thoughts on “New application ? Help !”

  1. 1. Bookmarks sync: safari mobile Dropbox Firefox
    2. Public transportation global database with this features:
    a. within x minutes you can reach these places with this combination
    b. next transportation times near to me (scheduled, not live data since this is a rare service from operator)

  2. A secure text file editor would be excellent. Could integrate with Dropbox just as Kypass does for storing files.

    Thanks for KyPass – it works great!

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