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KyPass 1.7 submitted to approval

What’s new ?

  • Icon of entries could be changed! This feature was requested for a long time. Here it is!
  • Display username below each entry (like in search window)
  • Russian version (thanks to Алексей Санников)

Next version (1.8) will have the ‘download from web’ function, support of the ‘memory protection’ for custom fields, …

KyPass v1.6

KyPass v1.6 was submitted to Apple approval.

What’s new ?

– (Bug fixes) Custom fields are back !
– Improved dropbox synchronization
– .key file could be deleted directly from KyPass
– French version
– German version (thanks to Rick Deckard)

Comparison with similar programs

There are several versions of programs compatible Keepass for iPhone and you do not know which one to use?
Here is a list that will help you:

Kypass 1.2 iKeepass 2.1 MyKeepass 1.12 PassDrop 1.0.1
Dropbox Yes No No Yes
Search functionality Yes Yes Yes Yes
Universal (iPad/iPhone) Yes Yes No No
Read KDB v1.x Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write KDB v1.x Yes No Yes Yes
Read KDBx v2.x Yes No Yes<=2.14 No
Write KDBx v2.x No No No No
Min version of IOS 3.1.3 4.0 3.1.3 4.2