KyPass 1.7 submitted to approval

What’s new ?

  • Icon of entries could be changed! This feature was requested for a long time. Here it is!
  • Display username below each entry (like in search window)
  • Russian version (thanks to Алексей Санников)

Next version (1.8) will have the ‘download from web’ function, support of the ‘memory protection’ for custom fields, …

32 thoughts on “KyPass 1.7 submitted to approval”

  1. I dont know how, but I edited my database with kypass 1.7. Now I can not open it anymore on windows keepass. Windows Keepass asks for the password and trys to open the kdbx but runs openend and crashes after 3 minutes or so!
    Back to kypass everything ok! I also tried the the repair option of keepass, but it doesnt work either. Same result as before, crashes after 2 or 3 minutes.

  2. I’d like to request SMB support in the next version. My company would rather not move our key database into cloud storage and we’re using VPN access to gain access to the network with our iPads.

  3. Is it possible to show the passwords in KyPass rather than not only Copy them? When using KeePass as a repository for different passwords, including PIN its not so useful only to have the Copy option. A “View” would ne nice!

  4. Can you allow the passwords to be visible? I use the portable app to help me on a laptop on which I can’t use Dropbox or install Keepass (locked down by corporate IT…)

  5. I’m loving this app and with KeePass v2 & DropBox support 🙂

    I have found one issue though with the two way syncronisation as KyPass v1.7.1 doesn’t store the timestamp of the changes only the date. This means if I alter a entry on my PC in KeePass and then I alter it in KyPass the entry is reverted back to the PC version. Is it possible for KyPass to store the timestamp of modifications? I believe this should rectify this issue.

  6. I can’t make key files work. I tried changing the file name. I tried v1 files, v2 files, everything. It just doesn’t work. (Yes, I followed the instructions).

    1. I should add more details – I do everything the instructions say, the files show up, but the password never works, I get told it is invalid.

  7. I have no wish to use dropbox, why don’t you support itunes sync???
    All my data sits on a protected work disk which is regularly backed up – putting your trust in someones storage in a cloud (especially password files) is a little bit risky to say the least

  8. I have some concerns about the security of KyPass.

    Since keepass is open-source it is easy to the community check if it didn’t send your passwords or sensible data to one hack server on internet.

    Sorry to asking but there is anything that I didn’t realize about the Apple Apps architecture that can prevent that this happen on KyPass or our only option is to trust in your honesty?

    The true question is: How we can ensure that KyPass is not designed to stolen my passwords and hidden sending them to a internet server.

    Thanks for your work!

    1. Yes.. Trust me 🙂
      I’m from Belgium. Stolen sensitive datas is illegal 🙂

      But if you want, you could look on your router all traffic from your iPhone to internet when using KyPass.

  9. I like your app but it’s crashing a lot when adding new entries. I have tje newest version running on iOS 5. I would also like you to add the possibility to change icon for groups. Fix thoose 2 things and your app is the best!

  10. Hi, i want to download this but before i do have a question : will this app show me ALL fields i can see on my PC Keepass?
    for example bank acount number field, passport place of issue field, etc etc. (or it only shows user/passwprd/url?)
    Can u post some screenshots that show large number of fields for one card?

  11. Hi,

    It would be really great if you could add synchronisation with Syncplicity.

    Our company has just switched to them from Dropbox and we have a number of users with iPhones/iPads who we’d like to have using KyPass.

  12. Hi, I purchased KyPass today. I am able to open .kdb files transfered via itunes or Dropbox. However .kdbx files are not recognized when transfered via itunes. (I tried both uncompressed and gzip compressed .kdbx files)
    I would really appreciate if you could add one enhancement to KyPass. PLEASE make the notes field expandable. I have lots of entries with notes attached. Ideally I would like to be able to expand the notes field to fill the whole iPhone screen for easier viewing and editing. (iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1)

  13. I’m incredibly frustrated with KyPass right now — I moved my 1.x database from my Dropbox root to /Crypted and changed the numerous systems I have sync’d *just* for KyPass because it has issues loading files in any other folder. But when I enter my Dropbox username/password and click back to “KDB Files” it displays “Crypted” with an icon that looks like a piece of paper with some lines on it and a folded corner. Clicking on this asks for my password, and when I enter it a dialog box pops up with “File is not supported (error code:InvalidSignature)”

    Clearly it’s not actually opening the Database.kdb file in Dropbox’s Crypted folder, but is asking me for the password to open the folder, which is completely invalid.

    I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it. Twice. At one point a previous version actually did work; that’s just a fond memory now. I’ve even tried using the iPhone Dropbox client and exported the file to KyPass, except it doesn’t actually show up in KyPass.

    The file in question is a KeePass 1.x database, originally created with KeePass 1.08 or so; I currently use KeePass 1.18 through 1.21 to view it on PCs.

    This is on an iPhone 4 32 GB, IOS 5.0.1.

  14. Hi, I’ve just bought KyPass and tried to use it on a website, but the APP does not fill in the details in the logon screen. What’s the use of the app, just to remember?

    1. The use of the app is to display login/password in your Keepass database (and insert/modifiy an entry).
      But… auto-fill will be supported in v1.8.

  15. Thank for the great app! its functionality is awesome.
    However… I’m sorry to tell that, but the program design is awful.
    Please, spend some money for good designer to make KyPass ‘best ever’ product!
    Look at Moxier Wallet or 1Password, take the best concepts and build the brilliant.

  16. Latest version where you can autologon is magic, as a long time user of keepass, kypass on the ipad just makes life so much easier..”…. And safer

  17. How do I change master password using kypass. I want to change master password on a database in Dropbox

    Also if db does not exist in /crypted folder how does one add entries to file

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