Comparison with similar programs

There are several versions of programs compatible Keepass for iPhone and you do not know which one to use?
Here is a list that will help you:

Kypass 1.2 iKeepass 2.1 MyKeepass 1.12 PassDrop 1.0.1
Dropbox Yes No No Yes
Search functionality Yes Yes Yes Yes
Universal (iPad/iPhone) Yes Yes No No
Read KDB v1.x Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write KDB v1.x Yes No Yes Yes
Read KDBx v2.x Yes No Yes<=2.14 No
Write KDBx v2.x No No No No
Min version of IOS 3.1.3 4.0 3.1.3 4.2

7 thoughts on “Comparison with similar programs”

  1. Can you point me to where I can find information on how to import a ‘kdb 1.x’ file into the Kypass 1.2.1 I downloaded from the App Store to my iPad2?

    I can find no instructions and no help files that will help me configure the database.


    Thanks in advance for your patience with this,

  2. It is not spelled out but can kypass create a local db for backup with iTunes? 256 bit encryption is ok but not great. Not putting it out on the net. Remember, 2011 dubbed “The Year of the Breach”.

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