KyPass v3.5.1 released today

  • (bug fix) fix open at start option
  • definitively fix the 1 bytes attachment in kdb
  • many other tiny bug fixes.

Hope you like it…

As always, don’t hesitate to share your love with KyPass!

Another new version is already in progress. (display history, some UI improvements and bug fixes)

12 thoughts on “KyPass v3.5.1 released today”

  1. Hi,

    I have a Problem with the sync via iCloud. Devices are iPhone 4S and iPad 3, both are set to allow KyPass the usage of iCloud drive. iCloud drive has a folder named “Kypass”. Both have KyPass current version are iOS is current version as well. Other apps that use iCloud drive work fine.

    I have created the the kdbx database on the iPhone. Nothing shows up on iPad or on iCloud drive.

    Could you please help?
    Thanks in Advance

      1. nope, no file visible via the App or the internet access.

        I am using the German version
        Under Settings / Data Sync: Select > only dropbox and google drive are visible.

        1. If the file is not in the App ‘iCloud Drive’, it’s more a iCloud problem than a KyPass problem.
          Could you go to and look in the KyPass folder (before, does the folder have the ‘KyPass’ icon ?)
          In the folder, if the database is not present, the problem is on your Mac.

          1. Checked it via App and internet access. I now have one folder “KyPass” and one “Kypass”. Did a reset on the sync of the KyPass 3 App.

            Both folders are empty and have no icon. Is KyPass case sensitive on the folder name? Because iCloud supports both folders next to each other.

            My Mac can’t be the problem, since I have none. I only use pad and phone and a windows PC.

            By the way, thanks for your fast replies.

          2. KyPass use the folder created via the iCloud Drive api given by Apple. It’s the folder with the KyPass icon.
            I suppose that you have created the folder Kypass yourself ? Could you erase it (from the internet access) and restart KyPass. It will create the good one itself.

          3. I’ve erased all folders that were created by me. Currently no folder is visible on the iCloud drive. That can be ok, since other apps do not show folders as well. I’ll check the sync on my iPad this evening and get back to you tomorrow.

            Thanks again for all your help.

  2. Hi everybody,

    it seems that WebDAV synchronization is broken. – All my devices stopped synchronizing.

    Any similar experience?

    Best regards,

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