11 thoughts on “KyPass and multitasking… Soon”

  1. That’s an awesome thing for iPad users. That’s a cool alternative to having it “auto-filled” in Safari. 🙂 Can’t wait for it..

    1. Autofill for iCab Mobile will be also greate! And it will be good, when the search field will be reset like search in ios?

  2. Still using KyPass 1 and really like it and use it quite often. Would like to upgrade, but 6,99€ is too expensive. Especially if you consider that sometimes there is no update for half a year and maybe there will be KyPass 4 someday and you have to pay one again.

    Hope you make it 2,99€ or so.

    1. 6,99 for the upgrade ?
      Could you make me a screenshot of the ‘kypass 3 upgrade’ in your iTunes ?
      If you have already bought KyPass before, the price of the first buy is remove for the final price.

      1. Thanks for the reply. You’re right, as an upgrage it is “only” 6,20€ (http://imgur.com/3TVT1vm).

        To be honest this is still quite a lot compared to most of the other apps. I love to support independant developers, but not with the uncertainty that there might be KyPass 4 soon and I have to pay all over again for future support.

  3. Hello,
    great work so far. Will there be a safari plugin for easy login without the need to open the app?
    Multitasking looks great. Have you planned any other features?

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