KyPass v3.5 sent for approval

What’s new ?

A lot of things!

      • iCloud drive support: You could now synchronize using your iCloud drive on Windows/osX.
      • Multitask support: use KyPass in one panel, safari (or another application) in the other panel.
      • added external keyboard support. (press cmd key to see what key is supported)
      • added ‘copy to Kypass’ function from any application. (useful for keyfile)
      • iPad Pro ready


Be careful: iOS 9 is now required!

Now, just a few days to sleep.

3 thoughts on “KyPass v3.5 sent for approval”

  1. I just received the update to KyPass v3.5 and it appears that the “Open at Start” setting is no longer working. When I launch KyPass, it no longer opens my KDB file automatically. I’ve tried turning the setting OFF and ON, but it has no effect (even after killing KyPass from the AppSwitcher and re-launching). I have an iPhone 6s and I’m running iOS 9.1.

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