KyPass v3.4.1 available now

With a lot of bug fixes

  • (bug fix) create entry, group on iPad is now working again
  • (bug fix) touch ID works now with key file too.
  • (bug fix) iCloud is back.
  • (bug fix) ios7 is working again.

5 thoughts on “KyPass v3.4.1 available now”

  1. I’m glad to see the improvements (like TouchID support) being made to the iOS KyPass app. I bought the app earlier hoping this would be the case. I would like to recommend some additional features/improvements I’d like to see that would take this app to the next level for a KeePass compatible app on iOS.

    1. Please change the app border font and color scheme to a lighter theme. The dark red color with heavy font is not good. It makes it hard to see some buttons, especially when button shape is turned on is iOS settings. The built-in browser is using black text on a dark red background just does not work.

    2. When you open an entry there is a folder icon in the lower right corner for copying username/password. The folder icon is unintuitive for this function and should be changed to something else. It may not even be needed since user can simply touch the Username or Password field to copy them. Using that space for a quick launch website button using default browser user set may be better.

    3. On the password generator screen when adding an entry, provide a button to copy the generated password. This allows user to pretend to add entry to get to the password generator to generate a password for other purposes in ios. User can then easily cancel out of the add entry to not create an actual entry.

    4. A Safari extension to auto-fill login.

    4A. Auto-fill username and password if using the built-in browser to browse to the website of the entry.

    5. Support the 1Password app extension framework that many ios apps are now supporting for auto-fill login into apps. For example, see the Walmart ios app as an example where this can be done.

    6. Support not just iCloud, but also iCloud Drive

    7. Optional feature to delete all data after number of failed attempts to login.

    8. Ability to take a one or more picture within the app (so picture never goes to camera roll) to add as attachment to an entry. Nice to have is an option to select the size of the picture from full size, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc. and to crop it.

    9. Ability to launch the built-in browser independently of launching the URL on an entry.

    10. Ability to have multiple open databases

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the interessing program first.
    I have a problem: When I want to load a key file in kypass — its not possible. Please can you tell me if the problem will be fixed in the near future?

    Best regards Chrissy

  3. Does anyone know how to get this version to sync with onedrive??
    I have tried using the webdav protocol without any success.

  4. I recently purchased Kypass 3.4.1 on my iPad Air 2. I have Kypass 2.4.2 on the same iPad. Kypass 2 created a ‘/Crypted’ folder in my Dropbox, but does not upload my database file to the folder. The ‘/Crypted’ folder is visible as soon as I open my Dropbox — it is not contained within another folder. So how can I transfer my Kypass 2 database-groups-entries to Kypass 3? I do not have a computer, only the IPad. Thanks!

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