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As some of you noticed, the function ‘upload from desktop’ was removed in last version of KyPass.

I don’t like this function. KyPass handles it in a very bad way.

Thus, how to upload from your desktop from now ? It’s easy, just use another application that support it and export the file directly to KyPass (last version of iOS support sharing between application)

Try this (it’s free)


Run it, open the URL displayed in the application on your Mac.
Drag and drop your kdb(x) file to the website.
And from your iPhone, open the file and export to KyPass.

4 thoughts on “Upload from desktop”

  1. I felt bad about leaving my databases in the dropbox so i started to use keyfiles. Now I should give the keyfiles to another app and load it on an other website? Bad Idea! Please bring support for keyfile upload with itunes back.

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