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  1. After opening .kdbx from Windows KeePass Version 2.19 and then saving it in Kyuran 0.4 now Windows can’t open it ;(. Does any one have this issue ?

    BTW, any way thanks for this software, using keepass with Mono is a pain

    1. It’s a bug with KeePass2 on Windows.
      One of your fields in the last entries you have modified is empty.
      Fill it with something and keepass2 will open your file again.

      A workaround will be added in the next version of KyPass.

  2. Il n’y a toujours pas moyen de sortir l’émulateur Amstrad sur Ipad ?
    L’attente est longue !

    Bonne journée.

  3. Hm, doesn’t work for me (Mountain Lion). I can load a database and I am asked for the password. But after entering the password there are no entries visible. Groups are visible and editable, but no entries.

  4. You ask for ideas, here’s one : do you have a way to make Kypass compatible with Mac OS 10.6 (and why not earlier) ? When I launch it on my “december 2010 macbook air” which is not that old, it says that I need 10.7 or later 🙁

    1. KyPass Companion use some feature of ARC that are not compatible with OS X 10.7.
      Why don’t you upgrade your macbook air to osx10.7 ?

  5. What a great job !!! Thanks for that …

    v0.4 seems to work almost correctly but when I edit an entry I have nothing on tabs other than entry, so as an example, I can’t change the icon of an entry.

    Another good point should be to open an entry when double-clicking on it, because actually, you have to right-click and select Edit in the context menu.

    The version 0.4 is actually a beta version if I look at the app’s icon. There isn’t any information regarding a final version date.

    1. Double click will be implemented in 0.5
      Editing icon (and other fields) are in the pipe…
      For the final version date, I have no idea yet 🙂 I want to be beter that KeepassX and it’s not yet the case.

  6. Oops, I guess this error is in 0.4:

    [pnguyen@posx MacOS]$ ./KyPass\ Companion
    objc[20343]: cannot form weak reference to instance (0x7fcf81e3ee90) of class KKMainWindowController
    Illegal instruction: 4

  7. Awesome app, thank you!

    There is list of some really must have options:
    * hide from dock
    * do not store master password in keychain
    * show passwords in list

    1. 1° Excellent idea.
      2° It’s already the case: don’t check the box when you open the database (but maybe the box could be unchecked by default)
      3° Could you explain ?

      1. 2. Yep, unchecked by default would be more handy.
        3. KeepassX can unmask password in entries list
        4. Also would be great to have ability to lock database

  8. Crash on Lion (10.7.5)

    Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000

    Application Specific Information:
    objc[967]: garbage collection is OFF
    objc[967]: cannot form weak reference to instance (0x7fb5c86ed0c0) of class KKMainWindowController

    1. J’ai retiré les ‘weak’ reference dans la version 0.5.
      J’espère que ca solutionnera ce bug.

  9. Looking good, but a couple of things I noticed right away, when I just tried it (all with a keepass v1 database)

    1. Three pane view, so you can instantly see the notes of a selected entry without having to edit it (in keepassx 0.4.3 view->show entry details)
    2. Possibility to *always* show the passwords right away
    3. When you select a group on the left sidebar, no need to have a big header to the right showing the same groupname you see to the left.
    4. the toolbar “+” sign is stretched vertically
    5. file attachements can’t be seen or accessed (keepass v1 database)
    6. instead of showing “kypass” in the left sidebar and being able to collapse it to hide all groups, I’d recommend being able to collapse/slide the whole left sidebar. We do *know* we are using Kypass (or kypass companion)
    7. Right click menu on entry is not ordered “correctly” (IMHO), the edit entry should be on top
    8. no way to edit group names/icons
    9. no way to edit icons on entries

    1. oh, and a big one:
      When you quit kypass and start it up again, it just opens the last database. WITHOUT ASKING FOR PASSWORD AND PASSWORD FILE AGAIN.
      Same when you select a previously opened database.
      Seriously not cool.

      1. I think that is intentional. I asks you if you would like to store the password in Key Chain. And if you do – it doesn’t ask you again.

        1. ah, yes, I read that in a reply further up.
          Problem was that the file dialog for the key file was kind of stuck and I had to somehow get to the kypass input field and didn’t pay much attention afterwards.
          It definitely shouldn’t be the default and it needs some way to deactivate again. I really don’t feel comfortable to have my most important password saved to the keychain which is only protected by my OS X password.
          I don’t think it is a wise way to handle your most important password safe and not only shouldn’t be default but also when you select this option a big notice should come up warning you about this:

          “Warning, this saves your masterpassword to the keychain – the keychain is only protected by your OS X user account password! Anyone who knows that or can guess that can have access to *ALL* your passwords!”

    2. 1. Yes, three pane view could be fun. But not yet.
      2. Done in v0.5: Right click on the labels to show/hide columns. “Clear password” is one of them.
      3. It looks bad without title. Even if the grey tab is hidden 🙁
      4. Fixed in v0.5
      5. It’s a big things to add.
      6. Like on Windows ? We don’t see this often on Mac. Do you have an application with this effect ?
      7. Yes. You’re right.. Changed in v0.5
      8. Fixed in v0.5. (but not for the icons)
      9. Added in v0.5.

      Thanks a lot for your report.

      1. Thanks for the reply, looks like you added a few things to v5 already 🙂
        As for 6., some examples are
        Finder, ForkLift… (View -> hide sidebar) and I know there was at least one that had a button for hiding/showing the sidebar – but I don’t remember its name 🙂

  10. I would like to be able to specify ANY file and extension for the file, not just kbd or kbdx coming from DropBox, for example Something.abc The advantage of this is that no one is then able to guess that the file is a password safe.

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