KyPass Companion v0.3 available

You want it… you have it!
The best selling KeePass application on iPhone is now available on MacOSX.
KyPass Companion is a full KeePass v1 AND v2 editor (Yes, the KeePass v2 editor on mac…)

v0.3 is now available at

As in previous version, it allows you to use the firefox, chrome and safari plugins.

Have fun!

22 thoughts on “KyPass Companion v0.3 available”

  1. I was able to load one DB just fine but when I go to open another DB it opens but there is no data listed. The data shows up just fine on my windows machine. Very excited for this app as my office uses keepass for Windows users but the Mac users have to either run a VM or try and get it running with Mono which often fails. Freat work so far.

      1. I have a similar issue. My existing DB created unders KeePass 2.17 on a Mc opens in KyPass, and I can see the grouos but there are no entries.

  2. I have the same issue as TJ. When I open the db in 10.8.3 I get blank database. Addtionally after I open it once and close it, I don’t have to type my password which is not good. It just lets me in.

  3. I just run v0.3 and clicked on New and I could not add any entry (group and password line) and I could not able to save to a file. Thanks

  4. Unfortunately, program crashes when I try to connect it with chromelPass extention. I installed kypass, open database, then install chromelPass in Chrome and after that I push the Connect button. Kypass make dialog with text “A browser would like to associate!” and two buttons: allow / disallow. I press Allow, then kypass “quit unexpectedly”.

      1. unfortunately no, but it might be a keychain issue now because it didn’t even ask me for my master password to open the db from dropbox.

          1. nope. Still no joy. Deleted the kypass keychain entries (4) and it did prompt for the master password but then the file has no entries. It does have groups and it has the groups that I created- just no entries.

          2. I can confirm that I am experiencing the exact behavior that Rob describes, both in v 0.3 and 0.4.
            When opening a Google Drive-synced .kdbx which was created in KeePass/Win 2.21 I am able to see the correct categories but no contents of any category. The key pane remains blank as if no keys exist. I also have deleted keychain entries related to KyPass.

          3. Do you have the problem with a newly database ?
            Do you have header (title, username, password, url) in the key pane ?
            Which OSx do you use ?

          4. I am running 10.8.2. I created the database using the windows version of Keepass (2.21) on dropbox. I then installed Kypass companion on my mac. I moved the database in the \Crypted folder for access.

            In Kypass IOS standard I can access, create, and edit. In Windows Keepass I can access, create, and edit.

            In Kypass companion, I cannot see any entries. I can create an entry and fill in all information but when I click ok I cannot see that entry in the details panes. If you have a way I can DM you, I can send you a screen shot.

  5. I am running OS X 10.8.3, Mountain Lion on a MacBook Pro 13 (upgraded from Lion). I now notice that when creating a new file I am unable to add group or entry, and am unable to save the file “Untitled” (error dialog “the document “untitled” could not be saved as “KyPassTest”)

  6. Buongiorno, funziona tutto ma con alcuni problemi.
    – ho un lucchetto vicino all’icona che non riesco più a togliere.
    – non c’é la masterpassword.
    funziona correttamente su iPhone, ipad e pc window.
    grazie per l’aiuto

  7. I get an error trying to launch it after overwriting the previous version:

    [pnguyen@posx MacOS]$ ./KyPass\ Companion
    objc[20343]: cannot form weak reference to instance (0x7fcf81e3ee90) of class KKMainWindowController
    Illegal instruction: 4

    1. You need osx 10.7 to run kypass companion.
      With this error, I suspect that you still use 10.6 or lower.

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