4 thoughts on “KyPass 1.93”

  1. I am using the latest version on iPad 3. The screen resolution is all wrong, and the autorotate and keyboard are all screwed up too. e.g. I have to manually turn the I pad portrait to see the master passowrd field in the correct orientation. Then when i click in the field to enter the PW, it displays the keyboard in landscape, which means I have to manually reaorientate the ipad again. The same thing happens when i next want to search for a password in the database. All very unsatisfactory and a big backwards step. Can you rush out a fix or roll back to the previous version?

  2. Would be nice, if you could integrate support for MS Skydrive. Lot’s of people are switching to skydrive. price is unbeatable. please please please 🙂

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