KyPass tips #2 – Internal browser

When you add the URL to your database then click it from within KyPass the username/password fields can be populated by long press in the field. This allows you to stay in KyPass and be able to paste both username and password without app switching. Brilliant!

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  1. Does your program support a pin on startup? I purchased it and can’t seem to find this. i’m worried because someone can launch the app and delete the files in the directory listing since there is no application security. Please advise on how to resolve this. thanks!

    1. Key file is already supported. Just rename it to database.kdb.key if your database is database.kdb and send it to KyPass via iTunes sharing.

  2. The username/password long press option does not work (it is there but does not paste the data) when the field is in a different language, e.g. gebruikersnaam/wachtwoord. Also normal copy and paste does not work any more.
    Did I miss something?

    How can I disable the internal browser?

  3. There seems to be a bug when you open kdbx databases in 2.x format. Repro step:

    1. Open a database
    2. Scroll down. You first see all the ‘Groups’ entries and then the individual ‘Entries’ below.
    3. In the ‘Entries’ listing you see the name of each entry and the login for that entry in blue text below if it was defined
    4. Now scroll back up to the ‘Groups’ entries.
    5. The ‘login’ field from various personal entries below are now displayed in blue text uner the various ‘Groups’ name.

    It’s looks like a memory leak from the ‘Entries’ UI into the ‘Groups’ entries.

  4. This program is great — I use it daily and I’m amazed at how well it works with my setup.

    How does the new password copy work? With the new version I tap the password and it just unhides rather than copies. How do I reliably tap it so it copies and doesn’t unhide?

    (Would also be a great feature to be able to copy the password from the search results or main screen without having to open the entry…using a long press or something).


  5. Kypass is by far the best password manager on the ipad/iphone.

    Not sure I understand how the new password field is more user-friendly…I have trouble copying now. For what it’s worth, it seemed easier to use the old way.

    Also, it would be a greate feature to be able to copy the password from the search results screen (without having to open the password entry). Would save a step nearly every time I use the program.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Tu as des nouvelles Redbug sur l’emulateur Amstrad que tu prépares sur iPhone/iPad ?
    J’ai vu que tu en parlais quelque part et qu’il était complètement fini.
    Sa m’intéresse aussi et j’espère qu’il sortira bientôt avec compatibilité iCade ça serai énorme!

  7. So I’m thinking of getting the new kypass 2.0 but I was really hoping it would support google drive natively, is there any work around to read the data from google drive?


  8. Just purchased KyPass v2.0 Was really looking forward to the Dropbox auto synch capability. But, had a problem. I linked my Dropbox and moved my existing kdbx file to the /Crypt folder. I use KeePass Password Safe 2.20 on my desktop linked to Dropbox. My kdbx opened great in KyPass 2.0. I created a new test entry then went back to the home screen which automaticatlly saved my kdbx file. Dropbox synched the file to my desktop, but when I tried to open the kdbx file with KeePass on my desktop I got a error: Failed to load the specified file! The file is corrupted. It continues to open okay in KyPass. So, apparently the auto save is not saving the kdbx file properly. Good thing I had a backup!!!!!
    Can you fix this please? Kypass is worthless unless this is fixed.

    1. Oui. J’ai recommencé le dev. Il est maintenant compatible IOS6 et fonctionne très bien avec l’iCade.
      Je le sors cette semaine.
      Reste à voir si Apple va l’autoriser.

  9. 1. I cannot back up Kypass in Drop Box. I set it up but /Encrypted folder has been empty.
    2. Is there an way to export the data to Kypass 2?
    3. How about exporting to a text file?

  10. Hi, I am using KeePass 1.24 and KeePassX, because I need to have a cross platform data. Thus, I cannot use KeePass v2, because it is not possible to have portable Mac version with v2.

    Will your KyPass product read the KeePass v1 database format?

    I do not see on your website any description of this.
    Only reference to KyPass v1.x being dead, and it is not obvious if that means database format v1 also dead to you.

    Thank you.

  11. Bonjour.

    J’attends avec impatience l’émulateur cpc amstrad sur ipad, merci pour le travail accompli, tu saurais si apple va te l’autoriser ?

    A plus.

  12. Hi,
    Im using KetPass 2.1.8 on my mack book pro and MiniKeePass on the iPad/iPhone.

    Will Kypass Pro work on all 3 devices?

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