KyPass v1.9.2…

…. will be released soon.

I’ve asked an expedited review. Sorry for all people that have iOS4 and who couldn’t use KyPass anymore. v1.9.2 will fix that.

Thank you for contacting the App Review Team to request an expedited review. We have made a one-time exception and will proceed with an expedited review of KyPass.

We understand that situations can arise which require more immediate attention and have developed the Expedited Review Process for such situations. We want to remind you that expedited reviews cannot be guaranteed and are provided on a limited basis.  Therefore, we may not be able to accommodate additional requests in the future.

Best Regards, 
App Review Team

2 thoughts on “KyPass v1.9.2…”

  1. Works very well, but the last few updates have worked a little strangely with Dropbox. The database icon always has a red cross (not a green tick) on it, even though it seems to be syncing ok. Anyone else seeing this?

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