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  1. Even tho I like this new one—I guess you want a new one that scales well with the new ipad’s retina etc?— it doesn’t really matter, whatever icon you choose I’ll get used to it anyway. The only big difference is that the actual version one has a lock pad [suggesting it has something to do with security/protection/paswords or locks… 😛 ] so, it might be quite a drastic change.

    I ‘vote’ for a simple Icon that you can be recognize from afar and scales well on retina displays. hummm, a lock pad with a K inside?!

    btw, how is 1.8 going? I’m hoping for a stable release above all

  2. I agree with the previous comment.
    k… it looks like kellogg’s…
    The function is more important that the brand !
    Just a little k inside, but not as the main part of the logo, why not…

  3. I agree with Bill. I don’t think the app needs a new logo (I prefer the existing one), but I care *hugely* that the app is well maintained and as good as can be. I have just discovered KyPass after tolerating MyKeePass for way too long, and am very happy that it seems to actually work. But I’ve only used it for a few hours, and don’t know yet if I’ll find bugs. If you keep on top of bug reports and feature requests on your blog, that’s all I care about. Thanks (so far) for a great app! Tweeted here: https://twitter.com/fjordaan/status/197258772027158528

  4. il y a un émulateur Amstrad de prévu sur IOS ?

    j’en avais entendu parlé sur un forum mais je me demande si c’est toujours en cours de développement ou si le projet et abandonné ?


  5. oh ! c’est super pour la news merci, un emulateur amstrad sur iOS ça fait longtemps que j’attendais ça et pas que moi.
    J’espère une news bientôt sur le site Kyuran avec des images de la bête.
    Bonne continuation.

  6. I’m sorry, but new logo is awful.
    Here’s no fashion for bold fonts now.
    The application design isn’t useful too, try to make it more ‘light’, less red color, no bold font in title bar, use small icons without captions. It will be better if you remove bottom icons at all. No separated “Help” and “About” icons, it is very generously to put icons for that.
    Give to the people an ability to name files and open them as “Named Database”. No more “aaa_password_db_home.kdbx” files, just open it as “General Password DB” or “Work Passwords” or even “MyDirtyLittleSecret”.
    Don’t ask master password for file, ask it for Database.
    Add some graphics, we’re live in the picture epoch, not terminal 🙂
    Paint KyPass in business color style, and it will be successful, no doubt.

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