Autofill and more

Thank you for all your comments on the appStore.

Worldwide rating for 573 users: ★★★★ ! (★★★★½ & 157 people just for KyPass v1.7)

Now the news: KyPass 1.8 is on the way.
Here is the changes already done.

  • Show password is more ‘user friendly’
  • New details form about database.
  • Search is now working with URL


  • Autofill username/password in internal browser (via paste or autofill button) !

I’m currently doing some test and send it to approval to Apple.

For other cloud support (sugar sync, iCloud, …), it will be for the next time.

10 thoughts on “Autofill and more”

  1. Hi RedBug!
    Would you like to change the program description in russian AppStore to Russian?
    If so, please send me english text, and I will translate it for you.
    WBR, Alexey.

    1. Oups…
      I forgot the translation.
      Btw, there is only 4 news words:
      – Remote
      – Locale
      – Size
      – Details

  2. Hi,

    Version 1.8 is buggy again with 2.x Databases.

    Password Display doesn’t work for all datasets,
    I guess it is related to customfields again.
    When I press the New Key Icon, the Stars are gone the Field is blank
    and the Word “password” jumps a few Pixels.

    Edit Function
    Again no Custom Fields

  3. Your internal browser is not supported by many high security sites, e.g. Many banks.
    Can this “feature” be disabled?
    Can we be assured the internal browser is not skimming user data, passwords, etc.?
    Thanks, Bob

    1. If autofill is not supported in your site, do a long-press on the input text field and select username or password.
      (and KyPass is safe)

  4. Am I being stupid ….I dont find this very user friendly – you actually have to go to the link in kypass to open the site you want – cant it integrate with safari??? So I just open kypass once and then open sfari and anything that will need a password would then be filled in automatically
    A YouTube vid might help for me anyway – just to make sure Im using the right way

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