More synchronization method in KyPass

You like Keepass but you hate Dropbox (or just dislike it).
You’ll be happy: The next big update of Kypass will add a new synchronization method.

Which one ?
YuuWaa ? Syncplicity ? Wuala ? Sparkleshare ? Live Mesh ? Sugarsync ? LiveDrive ? Tonido ? Spideroak ? ? Another ?

It depends on you !

Tweet a message like “I want #sugarsync in KyPass next version ! RT me for more vote #kypasssync” and it will add one vote to Sugarsync (your tweet have to contain the keyword #kypasssync & the keyword for your synchronization method).

In two weeks, I’ll look the most popular keyword and start the development for it.

Spread the word to increase the vote for your synchronization method !

28 thoughts on “More synchronization method in KyPass”

  1. This is so cool! Nobody else is developing for any other storage than Dropbox, and it bothered me a lot. Thanks for this great app!

  2. I suggest spideroak because it saves earlier versions of your files and is very affordable. I also like Wuala because its container is entirely encrypted.

  3. ça faisait longtemps Redbug, après tes exploits sur DS, j’attends avec impatience CrocoDS version Iphone … ICroco ?
    Enfin quelqu’un qui pense a l’Amstrad sur iPhone !
    ça fait plaisir de te revoir sur cette plate-forme alors bon développement et a+ sur Apple Store ….

  4. We currently store our primary keepass file on the server. We may switch to the server.
    To keep things simple, I would prefer to sync KyPass to the primary KeePass file on these primary servers rather than to a copy on a separate server such as Dropbox.
    – Mike

  5. How about the feature to open the kdbx file from URL (i.e. WebDAV), then we don’t need to worry for sync or specific online storage service.


  6. Could you add a way to sync via a local SMB, WebDAV, or SSH server? I know that everything is heavily encrypted, but having such sensitive data in cloud storage still makes me nervous.

  7. Hi all…
    please check out the real security for Wuala… they run their servers only in Europe with its strict data security… they really migth not have a connection to NSA, CIA, MI6 or any other funfactory… so please check out Wuala and give it your vote.

  8. Syncing wvia WebDAV should be a additional methode to hold the database consistent (without dropbox googledrive and the others ..)

  9. I have been using KeePass and KyPass for a couple of years now and like the fact that I can sync the data easily between them. However, I am concerned about the security of DropBox and have been interested in alternatives. I work for a software retailer in the UK and we have been working with Box. Box is attractive because they implement a very granular and very secure storage model – the service has been designed from the ground up with security in mind – primarily because it is aimed at businesses who have a concern in this area rather than simply social sharing of content…

    I would welcome Box integration and I think the security of the solution is a good fit for the KeePass/KyPass combination…


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