KyPass 1.5 bug !

KyPass 1.5 have a big bug when you create new group or new items with a Keepass 2 database:
The database could not be read anymore on Keepass !
If you have this problem, just erase the group or the entry on Kypass and do the resync. Your database will be available again on your desktop.

Bug fixe version was submitted today to Apple.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

22 thoughts on “KyPass 1.5 bug !”

  1. Hi, I found an annoying issue when using Upload from Desktop (Kypass 1.5). Maybe you can replicate it:

    1. Delete existing database.kdbx file from Kypass 1.5. It is now gone from the list.

    2. Tap the Plus “+” icon and select Upload from Desktop. It tells you what IP and port to access Kypass 1.5 remotely from.

    3. Visit http://LAN IP:port from Web browser.

    4. The database.kdbx that was deleted from Kypass 1.5 earlier still exists!

    5. Upload the same database.kdbx file from desktop and click on Submit.

    6. Clicking on Submit does not return an error, but database.kdbx file still does not exist from Kypass 1.5!

    Refreshing Kypass 1.5 did not help. Rebooting the iOS device did not help either. The database.kdbx file exists on the Web browser list but does not exist from Kypass 1.5 on the iDevice.

    My solution at the moment is to rename my database.kdbx file to something that does not exist yet in the Kypass 1.5 list. For example, database_tmp.kdbx. Then I use the Upload from Desktop facility again. This will show up in Kypass 1.5, but then again, I will not be able to upload database_tmp.kdbx anymore. When I update my kdbx file later and upload it to Kypass 1.5, I will have to use another filename.

    In other words, the kdb/kdbx file that I uploaded from desktop and deleted from Kypass 1.5 was not really deleted.

    1. I know the problem.
      Once a file is flagged as deleted in Kypass, it always be marked.
      This problem will be fixed in the next version.

  2. Good Morning,

    just downloaded the 1.5.1 Update from the App Store,
    unfortunately there are still issues with my 2.16 Database.

    1. Edit issue 1
    When I change any existing item in the database with Kypass 1.5.1
    the file size of the database is reduced by about 40%
    and it isn’t readable anymore with the Windows Version of Keepass 2.16,
    all I get is an error msg. that the database is broken.

    2. Edit issue 2
    When you open up an existing Item with Kypass, the password
    section is hidden, now you press the “Key” Icon, to unhide the
    password, it is visible now. The issue is, when you hit the edit
    icon now the password field becomes “hidden” again.

    3. Display issue
    Since you updated from 1.4 there are almost all of my
    “custom fields” not displayed anymore. I hope you can fix this.
    Btw I guess the reduction of file size after performing an “edit”
    operation is linked to this “not seeing the custom fields” issue.

    4. Database Date
    I have no clue if this has any worth, but with all the back and
    forth with the database file I saw a difference in the timestamp
    of the database file.
    Eg my 2.16 Database file is located in a dropbox folder,
    when I check the File in Dropbox I see 461KB 30. Aug.2011 05:15.
    This is the same on all Dropbox clients IOS or WIN.
    Kypass displays the same File with the Timestamp 30.Aug 2011 05:25
    even after refresh there is a time difference

    I checked this out with my ip4 iOS 4.3.5 and ipad2 IOS 4.3.5
    (no JB or Unlock) installed, both devices have the same problems.

    1. 1. File size is not a problem. Keepass 2 database are encrypted xml files. The Windows Version of Keepass 2.16 add a lot of space in the xml. Kypass remove these useless spaces.
      But… for the message “database is broken”, I don’t understand. It’s fixed with the version 1.5.1.
      Could you reproduce this problem and give me all the step you made ?

      2. It’s “by design” 🙂 In edition mode, the password field is always hidden.

      3. It will be fixed in version 1.6

      4. The date in Kypass are the download date. Not the file date. I understand that it could be disturbing. I will change that in the next version.

      Thanks for your bug report.

      1. Hi,

        I for sure can reproduce this database broken issue.

        That’s what I do….
        My regular WIN Keepass 2.16 Database is located on a Dropbox Folder.
        I start the Keepass Client to see if it works… everything is OK
        I can edit, close the win client, open the win client and still everything is OK

        Now I restart my iPhone (yes power down / power up)
        delete the existing KyPass client
        restart the iPhone again
        Download the latest KyPass client from the APP Cloud
        Edit the settings of the Keypass to match my Dropbox location
        Start iphone Kypass client and use the dropbox option to connect
        the client to my database.
        I can open it and view the data.

        Again .. at this point I still wondering what happened to the display
        of my custom fields, there are gone since Version > 1.4

        No I close the Kypass App, and really close the App via HOMEBUTTON

        I go back to the Win Maschine and start the WIN KeePass Client
        to see if my Database still works, yes it does.
        It’s time to close the Win KeePass again.

        I am back on the iPhone and restart the KyPass APP.
        My DropBox Datafile is still in place and after entering
        the password (10 letters and numbers mixed) I can browse thru the
        Database again.
        It’s time to make a change, I use the very first Item and edit
        the regular Username Field just add one more letter.
        I close down the database File via exiting in the app

        There is data transfer going on at the dropbox, I can monitor
        at the Dropbox icon on the Win Machine. I am on the same local
        network with both ip4 and WIN Machine.

        I start the WIN KeePass client, I get the password enter box,
        I enter the password and … here we are … I get an error box
        about a broken unreadable database.

        I tried the same thing again I did not edit an existing Item,
        I tried to add a complete new one and ended up with the same

        That’s almost all I can say about the problem I fear.

        A few additional notes might be, I use a lot of custom fields
        for my items. A few of those extra fields are secured like the
        regular password box. This fields are stuff like “Bought at:”,
        “Warranty Ends:” and secured fields like “PIN:”

        Could you by chance give me a clue what happened to the
        display of those fields ? I am sure it worked before 😉

        I hope this will help you in any way

  3. I’ve downloaded KyPass 1.5.1.
    I Still have 3 issues.

    1. Embedded attachments are not properly handled.
    In KeePass 2.xx you can embed attachments. I’ve created a test database and entries first without an attachment and then one with an attachment.
    After editing any entry in KyPass and syncing it back to DropBox I was not able to open de KDBX in KeePass 2.16.
    The database was newly created with KeePass 2.16,
    Two entries were added and synced to DropBox
    One entry was changed in KyPass 1.5.1.
    Then reopend KDBX in KeePass, no problem.
    Added an attachment in KeePass and saved it to Dropbox.
    Reopend en edited one entry in KyPass.
    Reopend database in KeePass –> Unrecognized file format.

    2. Custom fields ar nog longer visible
    As you already stated I’m looking forward to version 1.6.

    3. New database do’nt open the first time
    The first time you open a database KyPass jumps back to the home screen.
    I was not able te reproduce under what circumstances this happenend.

    Good luck with the bug fixing.

  4. Regards, feature request.

    1. I do not see an option to generate a password directly in the app.
    Can you integrate it in a new version.

    2. A button to add a record would be nice 🙂
    The way it is now is a but strange

    3. As stated in 2. , the interface is a but curious, a improvement on that would be great.

    Best regards

  5. Hello everybody,

    I also found the problem within broken KDBX File.

    I use Version 1.5.1 of KyPass.

    As I found you only have to edit a comment field of an Entry with KyPass.

    After fully closing of KyPass and Sync. With Dropbox which ends successfully, it is not possible to open the database with Windows Keepass 2.16 anymore.



    1. I couldn’t reproduce the bug.
      I modify a comment field, save and I could still open the database on the desktop version of keepass.

  6. Hi,

    the bug “broken database” as I described still exist within my actual kdbx file. I tried many things I could think off. ex. export and reinport in new Database. A few tests with / without Dropbox. Use without Dropbox. Database maintainance in any possible art as Keepass Windows could. No success. Failure resists. But it is true that a new database with some entries function as expected. I have no good idea at the moment how to find out more about the problem. May be something with charackter coding (I use German in many Database fields)



  7. Hi
    just found out the hard way (more than 1 Databasefile):

    – created a Database in KyPass
    – new / import into Keepass
    – opened again in KyPass and made changes
    – disconnected from dropbox & reconnected
    – KeePass cannot open the DB anymore..???

    Says, “failed to load the spec. file! Ein identifiziertes Element hat ein ungültiges Format”
    Please help, I cannot trust it any longer… who can guarantee I will always be able to at least use it in KyPass or when will it be gone there too???

    Thanks for your Time

  8. .. left a comment earlier today about the Database Problem..
    At least it seems i found a little workaround:

    Open a new Databes and import a kdbx 2 (repair mode).
    This way you can at least open and edit it on your PC again…

    Hope this helps


  9. ..on a second note: import as kdbx repair mode does not imoprt all entries nut only a fraction..

    Sorry, good idea gone wrong by the looks at it. Therefore useless at the moment.
    If you found a fix, let me know please…
    Since we dont get an answer here it either means you work on it or it is not as important to you?..

    please let us know at least that..

    1. It’s very important for me !!
      Database corruption is very bad… but I couldn’t reproduce this bug myself.
      Do you have the last version of Keepass on your desktop ?

      1. Hi

        .. sure 2.16 that is.. And it happens every time I use KyPass to make a Modification to the Database.
        After that – no go for KeePass
        ..?.. Would really hope, you can fix this… 😉 (and soon..)
        best regards

  10. ..maybe another peace of important information:
    It happens in Win7 64Bit just as well as in Vista 32Bit and XP 32Bit… so far on any PC I use.
    Its strange, that you cannot reproduce this…


    1. Could you try with a clean database (new database created from keepass on your win7) and modify on KyPass ?
      I’m sure that this bug could be quicky fixed if I found a way to reproduce it.

  11. Hi
    OK, a new DB – started in WIn7 does not reproduce the problem.
    Startet, changed an existing and added a new entry and still can open it in KeePass.

    No real relief yet, since my existing DBs reproduce the problem every time and do not import properly in the first place either … bur I hope this is a clue to you.
    Use an iPhone 3 GS with IOS 4.3.5 – if that helps somehow too..

    Best regs


  12. ..sorry. An earlier entry (2 or 3 days ago) seems to have vanished.. although I saw it here..

    I wrote that it works, if you start a Database in KeePass in Windows 7 and then alter it in KyPass on the iPhone. I mad a few tests and so far it seems to work out fine.
    Hope this gives you the needed clue to fix it, since I already have a few Databases I do not want to re-enter manually…

    Best regards


  13. Hi

    here seems to be a working solution:

    As found out meanwhile, it happens to DBs started in Kypass, then opened in KeePass and changed in KyPass again.
    After that KeePass could not open it anymore..

    It has to be preemptiv:
    instead of starting a new DB and re-entry,
    just (while you can read it in KeePass)
    Export the in KyPass Started DB asap and import in a new DB – this time started in KeePass.
    So far any changes in KyPass showed and the DB was OK..
    Will monitor and report here…

    Hope this helps the struggling users – since unfortunately there is no real support in sight..


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