Monthly Archives: August 2011

KyPass 1.5 bug ! 22

KyPass 1.5 have a big bug when you create new group or new items with a Keepass 2 database:
The database could not be read anymore on Keepass !
If you have this problem, just erase the group or the entry on Kypass and do the resync. Your database will be available again on your desktop.

Bug fixe version was submitted today to Apple.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

BioPocket v1.1 send for approval

What’s new ?

  • New settings panel.
  • You could select the date from your birthday’s contact.

Kypass v1.5 status 51

Kypass v1.5 is in development.

Already done:

  • Write support with kdbx (YES!)
  • Keyfile for kdbx. (read & write)
  • Better synchronization with dropbox.
I’m currently working on a database locking via gesture à la Android.
If I don’t have time to finish this “locking” before friday 12, these new features will be in the release 1.6 (or 2.0)
And please… If you like Kypass, say it around you!

Karaopocket v3.1 and KyPass v1.4 send for approval 11

New features

Karaopocket v3.1

  • Added CDG (MP3+G) support as promised.

KyPass v1.4

  • Define automatic logout time
  • Progress bar when opening a database
  • Images are displayed on all items (group & search)
  • More help for the use of Dropbox.
  • (Bug fixes) Allow not alphanumeric characters in password
  • (Bug fixes) Search function doesn’t bug anymore if the title of an entry is empty.
  • (Bug fixes) The orientation is maintained when the password window is displayed after back to sleep.

BioPocket v2 “Waiting For Review”

BioPocket v2 was submitted today.

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