Karaopocket v3.1 and KyPass v1.4 send for approval

New features

Karaopocket v3.1

  • Added CDG (MP3+G) support as promised.

KyPass v1.4

  • Define automatic logout time
  • Progress bar when opening a database
  • Images are displayed on all items (group & search)
  • More help for the use of Dropbox.
  • (Bug fixes) Allow not alphanumeric characters in password
  • (Bug fixes) Search function doesn’t bug anymore if the title of an entry is empty.
  • (Bug fixes) The orientation is maintained when the password window is displayed after back to sleep.

11 thoughts on “Karaopocket v3.1 and KyPass v1.4 send for approval”

  1. Hi Gents,

    thx for the new version. Through the changelog I cannot see, whether the key-file issue with 2.x kdbx is resolved. Can you please let me know ?



  2. KyPass 1.4 just arrived in the German AppStore. However, when I tried to start it, it immediately crashed (returned to home screen). Not sure why, I use the Dropbox option if that helps. After reinstalling the App, it works fine now.

    Apart from that KyPass works great. This is a good example why open source is so great. 🙂

    Anyway, I have some feature requests, in addition to the roadmap you have published:
    – KeeFox (a bridge between KeePass and Firefox) adds lots of custom fields to each entry. Most of them start with “KPRPC “, except for “Form match URL”. These fields are completely technical, they do not make sense if you want to lookup and copy a password manually. Would be good to hide them, plus empty fields maybe.
    – Would it be possible to show customized (embedded) icons instead of the generic ones? This could be Favicons of the websites for example.
    – Something to make the login easier would be lovely. I mean, I want to use a complex password for my file, but that’s hard to enter that every time I need a password. I know that I could probably set the timeout to a very high value (like weeks), but that would completely disable the login when returning to KyPass. So something in between would be nice. Like defining a pin code which I would need to enter instead of the master key. As all of this happens in the memory, this should be relatively safe, even if I lost my phone. Does that make sense to anyone? 😉

  3. Love it.

    I finally got it to work with dropbox and kdbx with the new version.
    One small bugfix: If you enter a trailing slash in the settings it won’t work. E.g. “/Crypted/” does not work but “/Crypted” does. Should be a small thing to fix. Was annoying to me as I used a custom folder.

    Any chance of write support for kdbx?

  4. *sniff* …. no key-file support for kdbx in 1.4 :(((
    I really need this to work properly ;))

    Please do me the favour to correct this shortly…

    Thanks for your good support… The new Gui and the progressbar are really helpful. ;))

  5. Hello,

    I *love* KyPass and am impatiently waiting for 1.5 with KDBX write support. However, I had a comment on the current version (1.4): It does not seem to log out anymore. In other words, if I open the database, look up something and then double press the home button to leave the app, the next time I open it, it is still open at the same place and the database is still unlocked.


    1. Nevermind, it seems to work now that I have changed the logout time to 10. Weird it didn’t work for 30. Anyways, am a happy camper now :).


  6. Bonjour,
    Depuis la version 3 de Karaopocket, le défilement des paroles est en avance de plusieurs secondes sur la musique. Et quand on change de chanson, la nouvelle commence avec qq secondes de la chanson précédente. Je suis sur ipad air avec ios 7 puis 8.
    Autrement, j’utilise Karaopocket depuis plusieurs années, et c’est un super logiciel.
    Merci !

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