First customers review on KyPass 1.0

You like it and you’ll love even more the new version.
Thanks and continue like this. I love that 🙂

Excellent app! It works! Thank you! – ★★★★★
by ZenaA96 – Version 1.0 – 28 June 2011
Finally a keepass app that works for my dropbox kdb file on my iPhone. The crypted folder works for me where the others did not on a couple other keepass apps for iPhone. The same “Crypted” folder is also acceible from the keepass app on my HTC Evo.

Works flawlessly – ★★★★★
by Rylord – Version 1.0 – 27 June 2011
I just purchased this app and installed it on my iPad. I then linked this app to my free dropbox account. Afterwards, on my home PC I moved a copy of my 1.x KeePass database into the newly created Dropbox “Crypted” folder. Opened this program back up on my iPad and it flawlessly allowed me to open my KeePass database using my password without any issues. I did the same on my iPhone and it also worked without any issues. 5 star rating because this app works great and allows me to have remote access to my KeePass 1.x database. I do not have or use the KeePass 2.x so for me, this works great. You can add/delete/edit/search KeePass entries. Well worth the .99 cents.

Works with some restrictions – ★★★★
by Dr.Gonzalez – Version 1.0 – 28 June 2011
The KyPass App provides the promissed functions – with some restrictions. I use the App together with DropBox, for which the password needs to be entered as well in KyPass. The two way syncronisation works, but it is not possible to update the title of an entry in the KePass App! The other draw back I found is that unlike in the PC application (KeePass), the KyPass App search only works on the title. Text in the notes field are not searched.

With a little help… – ★★★★
by – Version 1.0 – 27 June 2011
The app logs in to Dropbox, but doesn’t see any files *unless you put your password file in /Crypted*. Uploading directly to the app fails. The app is straightforward but functional. I had issues with the app at first, but speedy customer service resolved this.

4 thoughts on “First customers review on KyPass 1.0”

  1. Please make it lock automatically when you exit. Other than that I love it, you can add entries and not just see them.

  2. Hi, are you planning on adding key file support in version 1.2 love the app but cant use it with my current .kdb because i use it with a key file for added security.

    1. Version 1.2 will be released tommorow. Thus no. No key file support in 1.2.
      But… Version 1.3 will be released next week and will support key files 🙂

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