KyPass 1.1 sent to Apple

A lot of buyers… Thanks to you all.
But some critics too.
Most of your critics are right… and fixed in the new version.
I have sent the application to Apple.
Be careful. it should be out soon !

In the version 1.0, the KDB file have to be in the ‘Crypted’ folder in the root of your dropbox. This folder is created the first time you run Kypass. The next time you run Kypass (thus, on IOS4, you have to reload kypass (double click on the home button and a long press on the kypass process to kill it and run again).

What’s New in the Version 1.1 ?
– Possibility to change the dropbox folder to your specific folder in iPhone settings.
– Synchronize your databases at startup (even in multitask).
– (bug fixe) Upload from your browser is now possible.
– (bug fixe) KDBX files are now also synchronized via Dropbox.

3 thoughts on “KyPass 1.1 sent to Apple”

  1. I am excited for your app to support .kdbx files so that I can begin to use it! I will buy at that point as will many others. That is THE DEAL – what everyone is looking for!

    Although I dint like dropbox… Far, far too insecure.

  2. Oh no, I have just downloaded 1.1 but when I open my kbdx file, I get an error saying Unsupported Version 🙁 KBDX is supported isn’t it?

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