KMSC #4: Stick Animator DS

This 4th entry was created by Nick Clark.
Here is his description:

The app I had in mind is a Stick Figure Animator that would be a simple made app but would be an ever lasting, never boring one also. You pretty much have joints that can be moved with the stylus on one screen. and on the other you would have a frame browser and a movie player.

The main menu would have three simple options:

new project
load project
movie mode- this would have a list of saved projects just for watching


0 thoughts on “KMSC #4: Stick Animator DS”

  1. Like making this with Pictochat (Pictomaticons) just with saving ! Maybe save to animated gif ?

    or: like flipbook ds

  2. holy fucking shit……i totally forgot about this idea i had it was so long ago. the other day i saw this page and tought therte were other nick clarks but then today i found my original document i made in word… the only difference on the original is i pasted the screens to a pink ds
    this is jus so freaky cuz i never new it made forth place

    btw:the contest was an idea contest and if some can help me make this old dream a young sucsess email me at

    heres two programs that you must checkout:


  3. FINALLY!!! i looked for a animator for ds a long time ago,when i found PIVOT STICK FIGURE ANIMATOR i looked for something like it for on the DS and you didnt only make something like it,its exactly what i needed!!!!!!!!

  4. This is a sick idea ive always liked pivot and i would like it on a portable machine instead of laptop to big plus it will have touch COOL!

  5. i really need this software, does anyone know where u can get pivot on ds??? like a homebrew or clone?? i really wont pivot on ds nothin else.

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