KMSC #3: Flashplayer DS

This 3rd entry was created by Pas of my ndsblog.
Here is his description:

This is a mockup of a possible Flashplayer for the Nintendo DS. Such a player would be very practical because we would have 1000000000+ games and apps to play/use for our DS then. I’m aware that this isn’t the cutest or best looking entery you have ever seen, but isn’t it the Idea that counts aswell ? ^^

Flashplayer DS Mockup Flashplayer DS Mockup - Missile Game 3D
Flashplayer DS Mockup - Airhockey

6 thoughts on “KMSC #3: Flashplayer DS”

  1. Not quite sure how feasible a flash client for the DS would be since there isn’t any open source code to work from and flash is a rather complicated item to have to reverse engineer. But if it was done it would be one of the coolest things ever to hit the ds scene since the homebrew browser.

  2. yeah as230, thats EXACTLY what I meant ! Thanks for finding this again !

    Hope someone try´s to make a Flashplayer using Gnash.

    If you want to know what it may look like play a Flashgame in Opera (PC) and hit zhe keys

    Shift + F11 then to enter small screen rendern mde

  3. There is a swf player but to play a flash movie it must be compiled in the player itself
    Its more a manual swf to ds converter, its in beta release so it cant load files yet nor action script

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