KMSC #2: DSsh

This 2nd entry was created by Null from Uncanny::Works.
Here is his description:

I am suggesting for your mashup contest NDSSH a ssh client for the nds. The touch screen could hold a keyboard entry screen and the command line. The top screen could be the scroll buffer.
I’m not including an image because it’d just be blank for the top screen and a line on the bottom screen (command line) and a keyboard.

Two modes for the Dpad (swap able with the select key?)
1) like the arrow keys on a keyboads, moves the cursor around the command line etc – stylus is used to select keys on the keyboard
2) gui mode – dpad controls the keyboard gui – you have to select keys using the dpad – no touch screen controlls
The xyab buttons (customizable hopefully)
input character
enter command
delete key
[tab] character so people could tab complete commands.
The L and R shoulder buttons could control the scrolling of the top (scroll buffer ) screen

I also imagine a bookmark system that loads when you first start the app, allowing you to choose what server you’d like to connect to.

There are tons of open source ssh clients out there, like putty that would hopefully either proved useful code or inspiration.


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