KMSC #5: NDS Canvas Concept

This 5th entry was created by Fejuai.
Here is his description:

Lightweight ported version of Photoshop with general image editing, stamps (or paintbrush sets), wand select, select, etc.

The menu system could be designed as a drop-down from the top menu which includes “File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, View, and Help” as this could facilitate the usage of features. To manage these menus a Bottom-Top “R” swap could be implemented so that the user could easily press ‘R’ or ‘L’ to swap the top and bottom screens.

Every feature should be made managable by the Stylus but to also include the option of button use. The interface itself should not be too colourful and preferably bland so that attention is not brought away from the canvas.

Things to include:

* Text input via virtual keyboard
* Colour wheel
* Freehand pen
* Freehand paintbrush
* Shape select
* Lasso tool
* Eraser
* Gradient colour
* Paintbucket colour
* Shape paste
* Stamps (pre-made shapes or images such as the flowers included)
* Zoom-in, zoom-out
* Foreground/background colours
* Rotate canvas

Of course due to hardware restrictions full filters could not be generated as with cropping and copy/pasting between documents. So lightweight alternatives could be used. These are all suggestions for the application, it is strongly based on applications such as Photoshop and Gimpshop.


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