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CrocoDS for RG350

I’ve bought a RG350. It’s a handheld video game console base on the OpenDingux os (like the well-known GCW Zero).

New device means new playground and new challenges.

I’ve thus ported CrocoDS on the RG350: Every device needs an Amstrad CPC emulator!

It’s still alpha release.

Don’t hesitate to post on these boards if you have any suggestions to improve it:

Download CrocoDS for the RG350

CrocoDS now available for Recalbox

… and libretro 🙂

  • SSH on your recalbox
  • Type the following command:
    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/redbug26/libretro-crocods/master/install_recalbox.sh | sh
  • Restart your recalbox
  • Choose crocods core in the Amstrad settings in Emulation Station

Enjoy dynamic resize, fast startup (using .kcr file like Super Robin Hood, Rick Dangerous or the great Bomb Jack.), joypad mapping and incredible music !

Source are available (MIT licence) on Github.

.kcr file information: here.

CrocoDS v0.1

First version of CrocoDS for macOS is now available !
CrocoDS is an Amstrad CPC emulator and the first version was created for… Nintendo DS.

Don’t hesitate to ask some features. I would like CrocoDS to be the best Amstrad emulator on macOS !

Actually, you have:

  • automatic resize of the main screen (as seen on the Nintendo DS version) and full screen via [⌘F] key
  • copy paste to the CPC (for fast insert of basic code) [⌘V] key
  • light pen support.
  • integrated menu (with the help of @Kukulcan for the icons) [alt] key
  • tabbed window.
  • ssh terminal (via fake emulation but on the real cpc screen – I’m also a sys-admin 8) )
  • load game from the great database of CPC-POWER [⌘I] key

Next version will have:

  • integrated development environnement (like in pico8 but to develop real cpc games)
  • integrated norton commander like (to manage .dsk)

>Download CrocoDS v0.1