CrocoDS v0.1

First version of CrocoDS for macOS is now available !
CrocoDS is an Amstrad CPC emulator and the first version was created for… Nintendo DS.

Don’t hesitate to ask some features. I would like CrocoDS to be the best Amstrad emulator on macOS !

Actually, you have:

  • automatic resize of the main screen (as seen on the Nintendo DS version) and full screen via [⌘F] key
  • copy paste to the CPC (for fast insert of basic code) [⌘V] key
  • light pen support.
  • integrated menu (with the help of @Kukulcan for the icons) [alt] key
  • tabbed window.
  • ssh terminal (via fake emulation but on the real cpc screen – I’m also a sys-admin 8) )
  • load game from the great database of CPC-POWER [⌘I] key

Next version will have:

  • integrated development environnement (like in pico8 but to develop real cpc games)
  • integrated norton commander like (to manage .dsk)

>Download CrocoDS v0.1

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