42 thoughts on “New KyPass Companion (0.7)

    • Justin

      I have noticed a couple of bugs in KyPass Companion.

      1. When selecting a key file the dialog does not disappear after you click “open”. You can get around this by moving the window to the side. However inconvenient.

      2. KyPass does not automatically enter details when there is a subdomain in the url, but not in the database (using keepasshttp).
      In KeePass 2.0 (Windows) I have saved all of my urls in the format “example.com”. When I navigate to “sub.example.com” KeePass 2.0 still recognises that the login info from “example.com” can be used.
      However with KyPass I need to have the url saved as “sub.example.com”.
      Can KyPass be configured such that it will ignore the subdomain if there is not one present in the database?
      Having this function would allow me to have a single url or database entry and still to login to different locations within the same site.

      Furthermore I just want to say Thanks!
      This application is wonderful, and I use it everyday.


      • RedBug

        1. There is a bug with key file selection. I don’t know how fix it actually.
        2. Fixed in last build. Could you download it again ?

  • cosmicjoke

    this is pretty sweet, love that it works with the plugins.. kind of hoping to see options to lock the database after a period of inactivity and clearing clipboard after a set period of time.

  • Dominus

    Coming along nicely.
    Still some things that don’t work properly…
    1. Three pane view 🙂 (wished that in v0.4 comments)

    2. The handling of a key file is odd. When you click choose it keeps on spinning the wheel for a long time unless you quickly press “users” and then chose your username. Something is off there. But then when you select one the selection window doesn’t disappear.

    3. When you edit an entry the notes field should be scrollable.

  • Cori

    With the latest version no matter if I close the file or close the app, when it reopens my database it is not asking me for the password. It seems to have cached somewhere.

  • Cori

    Also, I can’t use the in memory protection in Advanced without it scrambling the data. Is this a known issue?

  • Horst Werner

    how about support for subdomains?
    e.g. amazon.com and sellercentral.amazon.com?

    keypasshttp does this via a custom attribute

    “KeePassHttp Settings” with the value “{“Allow”:[“sellercentral.amazon.com”],”Deny”:[]}”

    could you implement this please?

    • Graham

      Seconded. It makes KeePassHTTP a lot more useful to be able to match all subdomains with a single entry.

  • Gunnar

    I’m trying out the 0.7 and when I create a new file, save and close I can’t find an option to set a password but when I open again I’m prompted for one. How can I set the password and how can I get back into the keychain I already locked myself out off?

  • Graham

    Another thing that would be nice – the entries seem to come up in kind of a random order when I open the program. Can you change it to sort by title when opened, or (even better) remember what sort was applied to that database last time?

  • Jbuddy

    just installed beta 0.7 on OS X 10.8.3 and run some test with an existing kdb file (from keepass 1.x)
    – created new group ok
    – created new entry ok
    – delete old entry ok
    – delete this group – not ok – group can’t be deleted

    Installing browser extension (safari) – error (safari not running before)
    next try (safari running) – ok

  • Dwayne

    Doesn’t appear that “Delete Group” does anything as when I try to delete a group entry nothing happens. Otherwise I love this program!

  • Leandro Carvalho

    Thank you very much. The program finally worked for me on my Mac OS X in combination with Kypass on my iPad and Keepass 2.x in Windows and Linux. This is the only program compatible with Keepass that worked on my Mac OS X. The Keepass for Mac (with Mono) didn’t worked at all on my Mac. It always crashed when I opened it.

    Thank you again.

  • Michael

    When I try to open my kbdx along with key file in kypass companion I get the following error: The document “KeyDatabase.kdbx” could not be opened.

  • Jared

    I would pay for this app if it came with the features that KeePassX does w/ Windows. The web integration is great, just need to auto lock and work out loading key files from network mounts.

    • RedBug

      Yes, KyPass looks like to MacPass and indeed, I know MacPass before beginning KyPass Companion.
      But the inspiration is more about Evernote (http://mediafrenzy.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/evernote.png) or a lot of other Mac Application that use built-in api 🙂
      There are not many ways to display a database other than with a sidebar and a toolbar.

      Keep go on your great work. MacOSX is still needing for an open source solution for KeePass.

  • sam

    When choosing the key file (Finder app comes up), selecting the key file hangs.

    Manually adding the (path and) key file works ok.

  • Roman

    Hey there,

    can you download kypass by clicking on the dropbox link shown above?

    I get a bad request message.

  • HoTiCE

    Amazing product, did not know it existed (been using Kypass on my MAC via a Windows VM)

    I think the number one priority at this point should be inactivity database lockout.

    After all, it is a security product…

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  • eax

    Today I got message: “Thanks for testing KyPass Companion. Download the new version on our website”
    where to get new version?

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