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  • Udo

    Good to hear 1.6 is available soon.
    I have a big problem currently as all my passwords seem to be disappeared! All entries are still there with all the usernames but all the passwords fields are empty (iPad and pc). I am using 1.5.1 but am not sure if the problem was introduced with 1.5. The keepass 2 file is in Dropbox and I did not get any error message on keepass or kypass.

    Any chance I get my passwords back??

      • Udo

        I hoped I can avoid to create a new db. I have lots of entries and it will take me ages, especially because some pw are exlusively stored in the kdbx. Any idea what else I can try??

        otherwise I will wait for 1.6 and take the pain 🙁

        • Milan

          Hi Udo,
          I suggest you look into the backup plugins available on the KeePass website. You can configure them to automatically save backups when you change the db and save it.

          That way you can avoid data loss.

  • Milan

    Oh, btw, just updated KyPass on my iPad and iPhone. What do you mean with “- .key file could be deleted directly from KyPass”?

    Does it mean that this was the previous behaviour but is now fixed so that you cannot delete keyfiles? Because I just altered my kdbx to use a keyfile and while I tried the .key function with 1.6 I could still delete the .key.
    Tbh I would prefer if the key file could only be deleted using iTunes and the “Upload..” website and if it would be hidden from the KyPass file page.

  • markoh


    When trying to open my .kbdx database I keep getting the unsupported version error.

    I’m using Keepass 2.17. Should Kypass 1.6 support 2.17?


  • Arthur

    I found a solution.
    The database that was not working, was exported from 2.17 into 1.21 (since I need it on Mac, and KeePassX supports only version 1). Somehow the exported version would not open on KyPass.
    I re-generated the key file in keepass 1.21 and now is working.

  • AeroJero

    Downloaded and after set up with Google Drive, I can only see .kdb.bak files in the file list (.kdb only doesn’t appear). Also, upon editing the .bak file, changes are not saved back to Google Drive.

    Please help.

    • RedBug

      .kdb have to appears. .bak could not be used.
      Could you delete kypass and link again with google drive

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