Dropbox Support Broken in v5.1

KyPass use the official SDK from cloud provider to synchronize your databases.

In the v5.1, the SDK for Dropbox-sdk-obj-c use the v3.11.1. This SDK is buggy… and fixed in v3.11.2 released yesterday.

It means that you couldn’t synchronize anymore with Dropbox on v5.1.

v5.2 was sent to Apple today. Expect it in a few hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience

2 thoughts on “Dropbox Support Broken in v5.1”

  1. Hi Miguel, Redbug
    I sorry but bad news.
    I have the 5.2 version.
    My bug is still present In o365 business :

    With my db what is ok :
    -I can open by masterpassword & active touchid
    -I close the app
    -I can open by touch-ID
    -I can read my db

    The problem is :
    -If I try to make modifications kypass say flile refreshed
    -I close the db and during 2 sec I see an update on my db then the db file disappears and reappears whith the old date (before modifications)
    -I have to open this “new db” using master password (touch-id not proposed like opening a new db file)

    This strange comportment doesn’t exist in one drive personal version .

    Please fix it…


    PS : Could you pleas please activate my account zuxx in the forum (I register log time ago and can’t log whith login/pwd or via discord )

    In advance I thank you guys & Kypass4ever !!!

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