KyPass 1.9.4 is now available


This version fix the bug with macOS versions before Mojave.

A feature asked by many users was also added: KyPass now opens the last database at start.

Please, could you change your ratings in the AppStore. KyPass 1.9.3 have received too much 1 star and even if I understand why, it will do great harm for the future of KyPass on macOS.

We still have great improvements in our todo list and suggestions are welcome (join us on the forum).

You could change (or add) a rating here

Thanks (and sorry again for the last problem)

One thought on “KyPass 1.9.4 is now available”

  1. I had KyPass iOS version, just purchased the MAC OS version. To say I was disappointed will be an understatement. I select a bunch of entries and tried to export to XML. It doesn’t report error but does nothing. If I select an entry I can copy password but not view it. I have to select View entry from menu, click eye icon to view and close the pop up window. Too much overhead for most basic usage.

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