KyPass v3.6 released today 9

A lot of change:

  • Add history section in entry view.
  • Some modification in UI
  • Webdav password is now hidden when entry is edited (and parameters are accepted in URL)
  • Upload from pc/mac is back (yes !)
  • (bug fix) Dynamic Text Size is now better supported.
  • (bug fix) QR Code capture is working again.

As usual, don’t hesitate to share your love with KyPass! It helps us.

9 thoughts on “KyPass v3.6 released today

  • Vitaly

    The background texture spoils font.
    Immediately after any page is opened the text is displayed clearly but in a moment when the texture is loaded the text becomes corrupted.

    iPad2 iOS9.2

  • Vitaly

    Please return the master password request after entering the wrong PIN code, that algorithm prevents PIN code brute-force.

  • bjb

    thank you for the webdav fix.
    But I cannot access the file via https. This might be due to a, untrusted certificate. Is there an option to ignore certificate issues?

    I think it’s better than using http and sending llogin credentials unencrypted over the net.


    • redbug Post author

      I already ignore certificate issues. It’s weird that you couldn’t access to your database via https.

  • Dieter

    You can see the webdav password if you go to INFO on your database. At the remote line it is in clear text

  • Green

    WebDAV with magentacloud p (former t-online mediacenter) is also not working (https)
    Test: file reachable but it doesn’t show up.
    Thanks and best regards

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