KyPass v3.6 released today

A lot of change:

  • Add history section in entry view.
  • Some modification in UI
  • Webdav password is now hidden when entry is edited (and parameters are accepted in URL)
  • Upload from pc/mac is back (yes !)
  • (bug fix) Dynamic Text Size is now better supported.
  • (bug fix) QR Code capture is working again.

As usual, don’t hesitate to share your love with KyPass! It helps us.

9 thoughts on “KyPass v3.6 released today”

  1. Hello,
    The background texture spoils font.
    Immediately after any page is opened the text is displayed clearly but in a moment when the texture is loaded the text becomes corrupted.

    iPad2 iOS9.2

  2. Please return the master password request after entering the wrong PIN code, that algorithm prevents PIN code brute-force.

  3. Hi,
    thank you for the webdav fix.
    But I cannot access the file via https. This might be due to a, untrusted certificate. Is there an option to ignore certificate issues?

    I think it’s better than using http and sending llogin credentials unencrypted over the net.


  4. Hi,
    WebDAV with magentacloud p (former t-online mediacenter) is also not working (https)
    Test: file reachable but it doesn’t show up.
    Thanks and best regards

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