KyPass v3.4 soon in your iPhone/iPad

v3.4 was submitted to Apple.

Here is the changes.

  • ios7 is now needed
  • unlock with touch ID.. <– YES ! 🙂
  • KeePass 2 new database could be created.
  • ios8 & iPhone 6 ready
  • added history support
  • (bug fix) fixed new entry in empty group with kdb database
  • (bug fix) color label in header is now more readable

6 thoughts on “KyPass v3.4 soon in your iPhone/iPad”

  1. I don’t know if this is the right place to make a suggestion. I use an iPhone 6 and when I have Kypass open but wish to change to a different app I double click the home button. This then shows all the apps that are currently running on my phone. However it is still possible to read the information on Kypass without selecting it (if it is selected then it closes and the password needs to be entered again). Most Banking apps make the app blurry and unreadable when the home button is double clicked.

  2. Worth it’s 5 EUR … Had problems with a kdbx file which got corrupted by iKeePass on iPhone (could still read/write via iKeepass but no longer from my desktop PCs) . Kypass allowed me to recover my database sparing me a full retype of all my passwords.
    Keyfile support without needing to keep the keyfile on dropbox is a great security feature.
    Keep on the good work !

  3. Hi
    Not to sure if this is the forum for trouble shooting?
    Perhaps you could be of assistance?
    Kypass (v2.4) on Iphone 6 (ios 9.1) will not open or respond after master password has been entred
    Have removed and reinstalled – no avail
    any suggestions?

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