168 thoughts on “Working on KyPass 3.4 & KyPass Companion 1.6

  • Dave Dickison

    Could you please NOT include entries from the Backup group when doing a search? Or, at least, make it an option. When I search for something, I don’t want to get confused by seeing all old entries that I have changed but I like the backup feature so I don’t want to just delete them all.

    Love your app. I get all my friends and family to use it, once I convince them to not use a single password everywhere.


    • RedBug

      KyPass doesn’t include entries from the backup group since a long time ago.
      Do you use kdb or kdbx format ?
      If it’s kdb, the “Backup” folder at the root is used as recycled bin.
      If it’s kdbx, KyPass use the “recycled bin” folder as indicate in KeePass.

  • Bruce Klutchko

    Kypass companion will not delete anything in the recycle folder, and the folder always sits at the top of the list. In Kypass iOS, it is alphabetized. If you want a permanent recycle folder, would it make sense to put it on the bottom in both apps?

  • JFH

    Pourrait-on avoir un alias plutôt que le nom du fichier. Particulièrement pour les fichiers chargés à partir du web utilisés en lecture seule.

    Dans mon cas, pour des fichiers stockés via Owncloud, voilà que ce que ça donne dans Kypass 3


  • JJ

    add a default file option (when you open kypass it will open that file by default)
    enable the custom attributes so it looks for other attributes then name and password
    when you have selected a folder and then select all entries it will not (always) select all entries (sometimes it does nothing) – and it will not deselect the folder (when I’m in a folder and select ‘all entries’ I would assume it will go back to ‘K’)
    sometimes the ‘auto-lock’ function does not work

  • Dnk

    I would love to see companion run in the menu bar only with mini clipboard mgr so that when you click the entry it copies URL, username, and password onto the temp “clipboard”. And then customizable keyboard shortcuts to access each bit of data. Then browser plugins become a little less important.

  • prgabor

    Urgent fix needed for serious security problem.
    When using Kypass connected to dropbox and Dropbox has a pin number, Kypass will ask you to select a .kdb file, ask for the Keepass password, then it will ask for this pin code, WHICH IS A FOUR DIGIT number. So far so good. But now, if you succeeded to open a Keepass file and close the Kypass program, you will need only the 4-digit pin code in order to access the keepass file after reopening Kypass.

    Setting timeout to 0 does not help.

    Please note, that this makes the program unusable. A four-digit code can too easily be broken!!


    • RedBug

      Just don’t use 4-digit pin 🙂 4-digit pin is not mandatory. It’s just a way to speed up the opening of the database.

  • Fabian

    I have some ideas:

    1. speed up time to show seach field, the animation of show keyboard, open all folders and then go to search mask is too slow for me
    2. “back” button contrast is bad on my iphone
    3. show password button (after password, not at the bottom) works very bad after last update
    4. at bottom buttons to copy password and password, and start a new search would by nice (next to the eye, better then the folder icon with the sub menu)
    5. the UI on ipad is a little bit strange (some gfx errors)

    • RedBug

      1. Right.. I’m looking how to speed up that.
      2. Fixed in v3.4
      3. I know 🙁 And it’s ok on iPad.. I don’t know why. I’ll try to fix it.
      4. Maybe.. I’ll test it.
      5. Everywhere ?

  • Daniel Wipperfürth

    Thanks for writing kypass companion – I am using a Mac since three weeks and have gotten rid of the Mono-based version last week, when i discovered your nice program. It is really good to use and quite fast – i have recommended it to some folks, hope they buy it too.
    Since you are obviously working on a new release and ask for any feature to be included that is still missing, i just wanted to ask for two additions, that would make (at least my) life somewhat easier.

    Could you please add an option to automatically open the last / a default kbd or kbdx-file?
    I am currently working mainly with a single file and every time kypass companion was closed, i have to re-open this file (at least the path is suggested).

    Also could you include that the layout of the main window gets saved when kypass companion is closed? the tree menu on the left has some longer entries for me and quite a depth. It is cumbersome to dig through it again after a restart and reposition all panes.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to the next version!

    • RedBug

      I hope too 🙂
      How do you quit Kypass Companion ? If you quit by pressing cmd-q or select the ‘quit Kypass companion’ in the menu bar, the next time you start Kypass, Kypass will reopen the last database.
      Same thing for the layout of the main window.

      I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.
      Contact me via support(at)kyuran.be if you want to debug that with me.

      • Matthew Graf

        I have the same issue on my MAC with KyPass. For the last release, Under FILE, MOST RECENT, the choice is BLANK. I end KyPass by selecting QUIT KYPASS COMPANION.

    • RedBug

      Good idea..
      Usually, when I start KyPass, I do a CMD+F to do the search.
      Having the search-field focused is a very good idea 🙂

  • Jose

    Purchased Kypass today.
    The computer INSTALLED but also that an error has been made.
    Don’t see the icon any were and don’t know what to do. Should I uninstall? Have no clue how to do that!
    Please help!

  • Danny

    Hi, here is a small list which you can take into consideration.

    When you come back to the app after the password timeout is met, Kypass is asking again for the PIN code but the keypad is not visible at this time. I have to tap into the PIN fields to make the keypad visible which is one tap too much 🙂

    The back button (top left) is sometimes dark red on darker red background but I guess that’s what you mean with ‘maintenance’?

    It is not possible to scroll through the password field in case it is a very very safe (I mean long) password.

    When hitting the search button I get a search box with the focus and the beginning of an alphabetical list below. When tapping on that list the search is canceled and I will be sent back to the group view. In my opinion, it would be nice to be able to scroll through that alphabetical list in case I do not want to do a search.

    Thanks for this tool!

    • RedBug

      – password panel will be rewritten (with touch id option)
      – color of the back button is fixed in the next release
      – I look for the long password field.
      – Good idea for the search box.. I’m looking for it too.

  • Patrick

    I bought the KyPass Companion. Great app but I have a question. Why does the application want to connect to this website on starting up and what is it trying to do?

  • Patrick

    For some reason Kypass Companion goes mental with the CPU when you ‘hide’ it in Mac OS X. I have started minimising instead, but would prefer to hide it. Any chance of a fix?

    • RedBug

      Safari extension is not supported anymore..
      Not secure enough.
      I’m working on a new one but I’m not a safari extension specialist 🙁

  • JM


    I am currently using Kypass 3 sync’ed to my synology NAS thanks to WebDAV. The sync is working good but I was wondering if it was possible to protect the settings with a pin or a password. My password to access the WebDAV server is plain text and if not already possible, I think a password protection is necessary for a security application.

    Thanks a lot.


  • LXSM

    I would like fingerprint support on my iPhone 5S instead of 4 digit Pin, would be great!!
    And thumbs up for focus on search field

  • simon

    thanks for your great work!
    I would love to see an Extension using the new iOS8 extension API so that you can access password entries from the secure keepass Database within Mobile Safari and other apps.
    The current update of 1password for example contains such a feature.

  • Ichabod

    Are there plans to implement TouchID-unlocking with the API?

    I’m not sure if this can be done without introducing vulnerability, but it would be great if it can.

  • JCP

    Could you please add the following features to Kypass 3.4.
    I would like to see use of the new IOS 8 API features

    Direct Safari integration
    App extensions
    Touch ID support

  • InteNs

    Hey, I think it will be great if you guys would add touch-ID support and maybe something with safari, now that iOS 8 can do that stuff. Touch ID is possible for sure but Safari support I’m not sure about.

  • AJM

    Please provide an IOS Safari extension for direct integration into Safari.

    I use the kypass data for several purposes and would like to see a spreadsheet style view of all data records with the ability to sort on each field column.

    Thank you.

  • Jagro

    Great app, I use it a lot. The new options iOS offers will certainly make it even more usefull, good to see you’re already working on it.
    That said, this is a bit awkward; I’m using Kypass with a webdav connection to my owncloud-cloud and that sometimes breaks. In particular after an upgrade, of iOS or the app, the connection is lost. Removing and re-adding the webdav-connection does sometimes work, but mostly I need to remove the app and re-install it. Would be nice if this could be a bit more robust.

  • Christian

    I’d like to be able to sort Folders in KyPass Companion. Also an option to set the default icon would be nice. Thanks by the way, can’t live w/out this anymore 😉

  • Oliver

    Now that apps have access to the touch-device I would really like you to use the fingerprint to unlock my database on the phone instead of entering the master password for each database.

  • wube

    For security reasons I’d like change my database file extension from *.kdbx to something else. But when I try to open that file with KyPass Copanion then application refuses to open it. There’s a message displayed:
    “The document “my_file.my_extension” could not be opened. KyPass Companion cannot open files in the “KyPass Companion.app Document” format.”
    Does it mean that KyPass recognizes file by the extension only? This is silly.

  • Jens

    I would Love to have other ways of adding a keyfile.

    I have no computer around that has iTunes installed so i can’t upload the file that way.

  • Henry Spencer

    One more related auto-locking request: a more specific option to auto-lock the database if kypass companion is not the active window for a certain period of time.

  • Raph

    Hi Mike,

    I haven’t updated to KyPass v3 yet but I’m considering doing it soon (though it is 5€… )
    Have you ever thought about adding Safari (or any other iOs web browser) integration like 1password does (it adds a pass item below share menu) ?


      • Raph

        Great news !
        Two other suggestions, but about Kypass Companion :
        I use Keepass on windows and every database is “attached” to a key file so that I don’t need to browse my folders in order to find it. This little thing would help a lot on my Mac.
        Being notified about database file changes (before editing) would be great too ! I often keep my database open on both my Mac and my PC and then forget to close & reopen the file before editing it 🙁
        For the moment, I get notified once I attempt to save changes…

        • RedBug

          I don’t like the first suggestion: it’s not very secure. If the key file is remembered, why do use it ?
          For the second suggestion, I have the same problem 🙂 I’ll add this feature in the next version.

          • Raph

            >>> why do use it
            I use it because it makes the database more secured. The key file never leaves my computer nor my phone, I just don’t want to browse my folders and sub folders every time I need to open the database.

            So it is not *less* secured then remembering key/password in Mac OS keyring, is it ?

          • Jonathan Foote

            I often wondered why it didn’t remember the key file as well. It doesn’t make anything “more secure”, the documentation on keepass says it best here:


            From the section “Location”:
            > Location. The point of a key file is that you have something to authenticate with (in contrast to master passwords, where you know something), for example a file on a USB stick. The key file content (i.e. the key data contained within the key file) needs to be kept secret.

            >> Applicable part: < The point is not to keep the location of the key file secret — selecting a file out of thousands existing on your hard disk basically doesn’t increase security at all, because it’s very easy for malware/attackers to find out the correct file (for example by observing the last access times of files, the recently used files list of Windows, malware scanner logs, etc.). Trying to keep the key file location secret is security by obscurity, i.e. not really effective.

  • Andy Furnival

    Recently switching to mac, I bought KyPass since it was a port from KeePass which I used in Windows. I’m in no way a novice to OS X, but for the life of me I cannot get KyPass to work maybe someone here has seen this behaviour before and can show me the light..

    I’m using Yosemite (GM) – appreciate there is work in progress to fix some bugs to support Yosemite.

    Start KyPass -> Click New Document. Enter password, repeat and select a key file – it just defaults to an iCloud location I accept the default choice and I”m presented with the default entries (which, on a slight tangent, I cannot delete which is annoying, even if they are in recycle bin). I click Save, chose a filename and once saved I close the app. Start the app back up, open the file I just created. Enter the password and immediately I get “Invalid Password!”. I try the whole process again avoiding iCloud or online storage and same problem persists. Since “Help isn’t available for KyPass Companion”, I thought I would ask you good people here.

    Many thanks – Andy

    • RedBug

      When you open the database again, do you also enter the key file ?
      The encryption is made from the combinaison of ‘password’ and ‘key file contains’. If you don’t want to re-enter the key file each time, just don’t use key file and only a password.

      • Andy Furnival

        I was consistently using the password and keyfile. Anyway, I reverted to just the password and its working as expected now

        Many thanks for your help

        • Stephane

          Following 2 improvements would make KyPass perfect for my iPhone 6:
          * support for TouchID
          * support of iPhone 6 screen size
          I know first one was announced begin October already, but no news so far.
          I hope second one also made it to the list of new improvements in the next version.

          Keep up the good work, KyPass is anyway one of the few apps I use every day !

      • Tom

        In your twitter post on 3 October 2014, you wrote “TouchId for #KyPass is working now ! Expect a release in a few days 🙂 http://www.kyuran.be“. Two months has passed and I was wondering if you could give us an update.

        As always, I appreciate your hard work on these updates and will do whatever I can to help support you! THANKS!!!

        • admin Post author

          A lot of things is added in this version.. and a lot of bug.
          I’ve finished the next release of KyPass Companion. I’m now fixing the bug in KyPass iOS and release it soon.

          • Tom

            Nearly 3 months ago, it sounded like you were getting ready to release a new KyPass for iOS with TouchID support. I’m still waiting patiently, but I was wondering if you could please provide a status update.

  • Todd Brewer

    I just bought this app.
    When using larger font size under Settings, General, Accessibility, Larger Text, the rows of text are clipped at the top and bottom in KyPass 3. Would you please vertically expand the rows so the text isn’t clipped? Those of us that are older need to use the larger text. 🙂
    Thank you.

  • Enrogue

    Google drive sync is broken again on KyPass iOS v3.3 since I updated my devices to iOS 8. Dang! This is a big differentiator for your app… I dislike and don’t use Dropbox. Please fix it (again!) Thank you so much!

  • Patrick

    In addition to TouchID support, I’d love to see a password generator, with configurable options (even though a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and specials characters with length 8 is good enough for most websites’ requirements).

  • jeroen

    Just downloaded kypass 3 and kypass companion. unpleasantly surprised to not find anything about importing from keychain. No option, no help. Can you give us any details on that? I’m not willing to import my 275+ pw by hand.

    • admin Post author

      Apple does not allow to export all the entries directly.
      You have to allow 275 times the export.. It’s not very user-friendly :/

  • AM

    Just to share an issue I reported several months ago which hasn’t been fixed to date: keyword search doesn’t look into URLs at all. Domain names are an important source for me to find an entry, so I hope this will be fixed soon.

  • Tim

    Thinking of buying, will safari extensions be coming to this version or will it be a whole new app? Don’t want to buy twice

    • admin Post author

      Safari extension doesn’t depend of KyPass Companion. It depends on keepasshttp that does already exists in KyPass Companion.
      And all the extension are free 🙂

  • Eamon Doyle

    Hi there. I would love to see automatic database reloading if the on-disk file changes. Alternatively, I would love to see auto-merge if I save and the disk copy has been changed since the database was loaded. This will be particularly useful for users who sync using Dropbox or some other file syncing service.

    Thanks for the great product!

    Also, for some reason, I can’t load my user and pass into chase.com. Maybee it’s a bug. Not really sure.

    • admin Post author

      On-disk file change was added in the next release.
      Auto-merge is more complicated 🙂 But it’s in the todolist.

  • Daniel

    Hello, I’ve just configured WebDAV on Kypass for iPhone and it’s working very well. I’m accessing my webdav storage via VPN when I’m on the road but I’m able to open my kdbx file even if there’s no VPN connection established (should connecting to a private IP address if VPN is established) and I’m not at home on my wifi.
    Changes at the keepass file in that case (assuming I’m working on a cached file in that moment) will be overwritten next time the webdav is available (wifi or vpn).

    So if anyone is using webdav he should only change the file if the webdav connection is available. Could you confirm this?

  • HoTiCE_

    Hey Redbug,
    The new Dark Menu bar option in Yosemite makes the left hand menu of KyPass Companion on OSX completely unreadable due to the now-extreme low contrast.

    You’ll probably want to have an option to change the background color…or change it completely by default.

  • Matthew Graf

    Kypass Update for MAC:

    Use your app all the time. Great job but app needs a face lift, especially with Yosemite. Video issues – cannot see title text and if I could the font the app uses is way to small for my old eyes. Give us a few font choices – color & size.

    Thanks much!!

  • André Daniel

    Can you please add support for automatically caching keepass files from WebDAV servers ?

    The reason why I’m asking this is because I plan to set up a webdav server on my computer that serves my pw database, and each time my phone can reach the server (basically each time I get home) I’d like it to cache the latest version of the database (and upload changes if there were any), however I also need to be able to access the latest cached version if the server isn’t reachable.


  • Busch

    J just installed the new Yosemite system. Now everything works but J can’t see my entries. Is it possible to change the colors of background and fonts.

    Thanks in advance

    Greetings G. Busch

  • Rick Barzilli

    I hope this is a simple feature request for KyPass 3.x.

    When viewing a password entry, in the section called “ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS”

    Are you able to display the entry expiration date if it has one? The expiration field is very useful if someone stores credit card information inside of the Keepass.database.


  • ChrisW

    Thanks for Kypass, I recently replaced Lastpass with Kypass/Keepass and Dropbox on all devices and it really works well.

    Here is my wishlist/buglist:
    Using Kypass on iPad in Landscape mode I have it set to open the search dialog automatically. This kinda works, but the search box jumps around the screen and the animation is jarring until it ends up in the correct location. (Have you seen how Lastpass implemented this, which I quite liked there.)

    Kypass on Ipad often shows Javascript erros in the built in browser, which diminish usability. For example ironsocket.com

    It would be nice, if Kypass would preselect the last used Keyfile on iPad and on OS X.

    Will this version fix the bug in Yosemite where all the folder names in Kypass 1.5 are black text on dark gray background making them unreadable?

    • admin Post author

      good choice 🙂
      – For the keyfile, it’s not a good idea as it decrease security.
      – Javascript: I’ll look for better code.
      – Search box was improved in the next release.
      – And the grey background was fixed in the next release of Kypass companion sent to apple a few days ago.

      • ChrisW

        Please explain how this option would decrease security? IMHO preselecting the last used keyfile should be available as an option for those of us who want to use it that way. ‘Security by obscurity’ is not really necessary here, as the keyfile works like a second factor of authentication: “something that I have”, which is not stored on Dropbox. – On the ipad its on local storage anyways and on the Mac I use it the same way. This is secure enough for me.

        Glad the obvious bugs are fixed already. When will the update arrive in the App store?

      • philipp

        I also think that a it would be nice, if Kypass would preselect the last used Keyfile on iOS X.
        Event the original version of keepass does it…
        I am a former windows user and really miss this.

        Greets, Philipp

  • Michael

    I just bought KyPass – seems to work good but there is a layout bug in Yosemite (quite sure you know it already): Black font on dark grey background in folder list. Is this bug known and will it be fixed in the upcoming release?


  • Dale Cooper


    Any workaround to fix colors in Mac OS Yosemite? Black foreground on dark gray back are horrible…

    Any new about 1.6 release?



  • Jan

    some feature requests/ideas 🙂
    1. link an image viewer/include an image viewer.
    when you have an jpg attached to an password entry you need to save the image before you can open it. i possibility to open it with an image viewer would be extra nice :). Use case would be an attached photo of an tan list for example.
    2. Autotype
    i think i haven’t to explain that.
    greets from bavaria

  • BIll Nay

    PLEASE add the ability to change the background color of the left column. PLEASE. It is absolutely unreadable at this point. We paid a premium for your app, and I think everyone is ok with that, but right now, it’s hardly usable. Thanks!

  • Bernard

    I just bought kypass and like it.
    I am using a v2 database and when deleting entries and groups they go into the recycle bin.
    But I cannot delete them permanently.
    Can you add an “empty recycle bin” feature, thanks.

  • Daniele

    May be I am not aware of, do you plan to support OtpKeyProv plugin? I like Kypass and I would like to use my Yubico key too 🙂


  • Henry

    When starting Kypass, you will see a list of files. I am using WebDAV, and when I touch the blue circled “i” next to a database file, I can see some file info. Under remote I can se the full WebDAV url, including user-id and password. I think this info should be protected, either by only showing *** for the password, or by some other means. Perhaps something to include in the next version?

  • David

    Dear Miguel,

    Ever since KyPass 3, the top and bottom text and background colors are unbearably bad. The Up, back, and search button are simply not visible on an iPad2. On my IPhone 5, its just barley visible. Please change this as soon as possible.


  • jean

    Kypass companion Keychain integration + keyfile

    I use Kypass quite extensivel. My mac is completely encrypted, but for security reasons (other keepass platforms) I use a keyfile.
    I’d like to use kypass companion using the credentials stored in my apple keychain, but that doesn’t work automatically.

    I wonder what the purpose of the checkbox is on the login screen?


  • Glen

    I am still using 2.4.2 so this may already be fixed in 3 but could we have a configuration item for the directory where the database is in Google Drive. At the moment I have to put it in the root or Google Drive which is a pain. Having it would like Dropbox would be perfect.

    Having a default of /Crypted like Dropbox would also be good.

    Regards Glen

  • Markus

    I have the kypass companion and the kypass 3 app.
    You say that icloud drive integration is existing, but what do I need to do to make kypass 3 see my database in the icloud drive?
    does it have to be a special folder?


  • Shamps


    I am planning to buy kypass 3 on my iphone and am really impressed by your feature rich app.

    Do you plan to incorporate touch id in the future?
    Would love to have it.
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Norbert

    Hi there,
    is 3.4 out yet?
    I have an issue on iOS 8, namely: unable to create entries:(
    will you fix this? (or am I doing something wrong?)

  • Boris Kuzmin

    Could you please tell me how can I add a few custom icons into my keepass DB?
    Is it possible at the moment?
    I have often used this option in original keepass on Windows and it will be great if this option will be available on Mac.
    Thank you!


  • Julian

    Pleas fix this version soon,

    if search looses focus the program hangs and presents a spinner (color wheel of death)

  • Carlos Hix


    I have a .kdbx file with an entry that includes attached files.
    With the current version (1.6) I’m not able to extract (save) these files.
    When I click (or double click) on these files in the “Advanced” or “Properties” tabs, the Save window appears, but nothing happens after clicking the “Save” button.
    Is there any other way to access the contents of these files?


  • Gianantonio

    I use kypass with dropbox from iphone, ipad mini (and some pc); i’m very happy and i substituted my splashid after 5 years.

    Please, can you unify pin’s interface in ipad e iphone? On iphone the interface similar numeric keyboard is perfet, but on ipad the classic alphanumeric keyboard is annoying?

    Thank you

  • Stefan Pielmeier

    I have kypass on macosx and would by the app for iphone if it just would support sync via webdav to my own server, i don’t like my sensitive data on Google or dropbox, and I need _sync_ because of multiple machines having Access at the same time.

  • CHix


    I have a .kdbx file with an entry that includes attached files.
    With the current version (1.6) I’m not able to extract (save) these files.
    When I click (or double click) on these files in the “Advanced” or “Properties” tabs, the Save window appears, but nothing happens after clicking the “Save” button.
    Is there any other way to access the contents of these files?


  • David Jorge

    Next features id like to see are:
    -Support for touch id to be used instead of pin
    -Support for Share h in safari to paste password automatically without leaving safari

    keep up the good work,

  • Droppy4

    Using KyPass KyPass 3 V3.3 on iPad with iOS 7.1.2.
    When adding entries with “+” on the iPad I can only find a “abbrechen” (cancel) – Button in the Header, but no “fertig” (ready) – Button. Different to the iPhone where I can at least guess this Button on the top right.

  • Richard

    I would like to do a printout of my KyPass Companion V 1.7 data base. How can I do it and print the passwords?

    Thanks for any help

  • Leon

    Please make an iOS 8 Extension, where you can select the password and it automaticly fills in your password so that you do not have to open the keypass-App copy the password and go back to safari.
    Kinda like 1Password.
    And Fingerprint-Support would be great!

  • Howard

    Kypass 3 updated on iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2 (latest version supported by this iPhone) on 8 March. I cannot now open Kypass. Fortunately my passwords are not lost as I can access using KeePass on my PC.

  • juliette


    I purchased kyPass Companion version 1.7 (3187) on the app store. I am trying to open an existing kypass database .kdbx, but I tried and it always says the password is invalid. I retried several times and the password should be correct, but I don’t know if the problem lies somewhere else.


    • Paul

      I also have the issue where Bypass appears to forget the password I enter. I am not using a keyfile since I cannot find any information on how to use one.
      The password is 8 14 characters long and stored in a text file so I copy paste it in.
      The other problem I have is that I am trying import a CSV file I created in Excel with a list of 70 servers and usernames and passwords.
      I named the columns the same as what appears in Bypass. However, when I click import, select the file and click ok nothing happens.
      Again there is no information regarding this process.
      BY all means correct me if I’m wrong.

      • RedBug

        1st line: header with the field you want to import separated by semicolon (title, username, password, url or any other field for kdbx import). 1st field must always be title.
        other lines: the entries separated by semicolon.


        Google Mail;toto@gmail.com;mypassw0rd;http://mail.google.com

  • leander091

    Hi, i couldn’t open my database anymore because i cannot see my keyfile. I have changed the keyfile to match the name with the database and with the extension .key but it still doesn’t work
    Can you help me?

  • Mario

    Just purchased and installed Kypass companion 1.7 from app store, try to open keepass dbx file and it says ‘password invalid’

    I know the password works, as it is working on both windows7 laptop + windows7 desktop keepass standalone program.

    How do we fix this?

    • RedBug

      Do you use special encryption ? Only standard encryption is supported.
      Do you use keyfile ? If yes, don’t forget to use it also with KyPass Companion 🙂

  • Zach

    I really like KyPass Companion – but would love it if I had the ability to upload a custom icon for my entries. Not everything has a URL with an associated favicon. I would really love to be able to add my own custom icon to the entries – like I used to be able to do i Keepass on my PC.

  • raimond

    Is there also solution that Kypass 3 can be used by windows PC? i can not fins any.
    the reason i want to re-order the groups on a easy way.

    thx in advance for the answer

    • admin Post author

      Yes. Synchronize your keepass database (file.kdb) with Dropbox and open it with KeePass on your PC.

  • Jerico Thomas

    It would be nice to set a default database file. So, when you open KyPass it would auto load that database. Makes it easier for people that only use one database.


  • Patric

    I use KyPass Companion (OS X – El Capitan) but I was not able to synchonise my kdbx file from Dropbox with KyPass Companion. Can you please give me an Explanation what I have to do? Thank you very much!

    Best regards,


    • RedBug

      Do you have Dropbox installed on your mac ? If yes, just put your database in the synchronized folder used by KyPass on your iPhone.

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