KyPass 1 is dead

All persons who have made an update to their iPhone/iPad today already knows: Your favorite password manager has changed!
KyPass 1 was too difficult to maintain.
Thus, all KyPass 1 users are now upgraded to KyPass 2.

Former users of KyPass 2 have now KyPass Pro.

What are the differences between KyPass and KyPass Pro?
Generator password and unlock by pincode is only in the Pro version.
Actually, this is the only difference.
Regarding future features, you will see …

[appext 425680960]

3 thoughts on “KyPass 1 is dead”

  1. It would be really great if KyPass used a font that made the difference between lookalike characters like 0 and O and l and I more obvious. Several programming fonts put a slash through the 0 and a tail on the l that makes them distinct. Fixed width also helps.

    Great product. I have been using it since the initial release of KyPass 1. Keep up the good work.

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