KyPass 1.6 soon

You wait KyPass 1.6 for a long time.
Sorry, I’ve worked hard on KyWiki (a personal wiki for iPhone/iPad) and it is released since yesterday.
The work on KyWiki is also very useful for KyPass: the synchronization part was rewritten from scratch and allow now to add other synchronization method like sugarsync,, …

The actual modification on version 1.6 are:
– the custom fields are back !
– the dropbox synchronization works still better.

Before release it, I’m planning to add the password generator.

PS. You could still send me your wishes about new synchronization method.

34 thoughts on “KyPass 1.6 soon”

  1. When are you planning to submit your new version 1.6 ?

    I only want to buy this app rather than the free minikeepass which work great but it seems it does’t support “custom field”

  2. Need the ability to specify a custom directory in Dropbox to sync to. I already have the /KeePass directory with the file Database.kbd in it that my PortableApp and Android versions of KeePass sync to. I want to be able to change the /Crypted folder to something else (like /KeePass).

    1. I guess I need to be more clear. I need this feature to actually WORK. If I specify a custom directory like I mentioned above, and it already has a .kbd file in it, this app does not see the kbd file and won’t use it. I could create a new one possibly, but I already have a database of usernames & passwords I want to reuse.

        1. Well maybe I am simple, but I just entered the correct path in Settings:
          /private/mystuff/keepass.kdb and it does NOT work at all.

          What does it mean: restart KyPass? I close and open it again by clicking it’s symbol? That doesn’t work.

          BTW. I am on iPad not iPhone – somebody lately checked if it is working there?
          Is it case-sensitive?

        2. Doesn’t work for me. Same problem as Buddha.

          In settings I change to reflect my path in DropBox, go back to KDB Files screen and it says “No file found – Look at the folder /Crypted etc”

          If I change the setting again and restart the app (even closing the multitask bar) it still doesn’t save…

          1. I had what I believe is the same or similar problem with KyPass on my iPad 1st Gen.

            I linked KyPass to my Dropbox and then change the directory from /Crypted to /Brad/KeePassDB. But, when I press the “Back” button tap on the “KDB Files” button the new directory name was not saved (i.e. it reverted back to /Crypted).

            After some trial and error I found that after typing the new directory name, I must press the “Next” button on the iPad keyboard panel for it to save the directory name.

            Maybe this comment will help others with the same issue.

            As a suggestion, could you add a “Save” or some other onscreen button to make it more obvious that the directory has been saved?

            BTW, I’m super happy to have found your app! I’ve been using MyKeePass for nearly a year and have long wanted bidirectional synchronization with DropBox. I’m using KyPass on both my iPhone 4S and the iPad and absolutely LOVE it.

            Thanks for making this app!

  3. I’m testing different alternatives for cross platform and team sharing of passwords. Keepass looked nice and I also bought kypass. First try went ok, but now it doesn’t seem to recognize the .kdb anymore although it was uploaded to dropbox. The timestamp both on the dropbox web interface and the local mac dropbox folder are ok. Also in the dropbox on the iphone.

    Unlinking and relinking kypass with dropbox does not solve the problem. What can I do?

    Other question: would you in a future version allow full path names for dropbox? Now you can enter of directory name in the settings box, but this will no doubt then be used for all .kdb files. My goal was to have some personal .kdb files and some .kdb files that can be shared with other people. This can not be done except when all .kbd are put in the same folder.


  4. Hi,

    A really good app always make poeple beg for more functionality.

    How about an option to sync to an FTP address, on lock of the app, in stead of only dropbox?

    That is…. if apple allows that? Or maybe to a windows / linux service listening to an KyPass service?

    Or even better a primary (S)FTP adres and an alternate if connection fails: one intranet address, one Internet address, depending if you are connected via Wifi (@office) or via a mobile network provider (on the road).

    And if it finds a changed file, an option to list the conflicting records, and maybe a few retries to make the saving more reliable if the shared location or the network to it is a bit busy?

    Keep up the good work !

  5. Another thing worth mentioning in your description:

    Syncing can allso be done by sharepoint workspace or groove (the old name)

    But then you need to add an option sync to file on lock, because otherwise i think you will lock the file in the workspace / groove, preventing others to write.

  6. Deleting a file from the dropbox is not very dummy proof.

    I have big clumsy thumbs, and just now allmost deleted the file on the dropbox.

    Could you please add a are you really sure you want to delete the SHARED file on the dropbox?

  7. I’ve bought your KyPass on Appstore recently but how can I be sure that the program doesn’t have any backdoors?

    I know that original KeePass is ok since it’s open source and if there were any backdoors we would already know it. But can you provide the 100% evidence that your program is safe for us to trust our passwords and banking information to it?

    It’s strange that no one else here is concerned with this question.


    1. I could promise but how could you be sure ? 🙂
      Just remember that it’s my business and I could lost my reputation if there is a backdoor. It’s not what I need.

  8. Hi RedBug,
    could you add the feature as “lock on the shake”, when database is locked after iPhone shaking. It’s a nice opportunity for quick DB closing.
    Also, I’ve found that I cannot see any fields from KDBX 2.0, if they have ‘protect in the memory’ check (in desktop KeePass). Is it the bug or something else?

  9. Hi RedBug,
    it would be nice if the Expire Dates of entries would be shown. I use the dates for the expiration date of my credit cards (that way I don’t have to carry them around all the time).

    I guess that’s only a minor change but would make my life so much easier. 😉


  10. – password generator with light, normal, heavy complexity options (or customizable)
    – define expiration date and highlight it in the table with red color

  11. Hi ,is that possible to make iPad version different UI like some apps did, it just annoying to tape every entries to see its contents then go back to see another one ,it would be nice if left side of screen shows entries,and right side shows contents,thanks

  12. I recently bought your app but now realize that I can’t reveal or show the passwords input into entries. What’s the fix?

  13. ai brought this app as i use keepass on my pc. Transfered the kdb file from my pc which uses an encryption key file for the password was dissapointed when i could not find this option in your app will you be adding this?


  14. Hi I am looking at this software for engineers to carry credentials around securley on there ipads. We use KeePass on desktops currently. I have tested our database which uses an encryption file for the password but there does not seem to be the ability to apply this on the IPAD app. Is this something you know about and is scheduled to be done?



  15. Hi,

    When do you preview to send the 1.7 version with WebDAV support? I really need this feature.

    Thanks for you application


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