Kypass v1.5 status

Kypass v1.5 is in development.

Already done:

  • Write support with kdbx (YES!)
  • Keyfile for kdbx. (read & write)
  • Better synchronization with dropbox.
I’m currently working on a database locking via gesture à la Android.
If I don’t have time to finish this “locking” before friday 12, these new features will be in the release 1.6 (or 2.0)
And please… If you like Kypass, say it around you!

51 thoughts on “Kypass v1.5 status”

  1. I’m using kypass. When I Open the app, make a
    new entrie and after clicking -done-
    The app chrashes.
    When i reopen the App and do it all again,
    It works.
    Can you fix the problem?
    Best regards.

  2. Does the current version of KyPass for iPad read-write KeePass 1.x databases (.kbd)? I am currently using KeePass v 1.20 on my Windows PC’s and it would need to be data-compatible. Thanks, Leonard

  3. Could you please make .kbd, .kbdx file suffix is assigned to KyPass. So a database file can be passed to KyPass by “Open in …” from other apps (e. g. file managers).
    Many thanks.

  4. Gould you please support the “cortado workplace”? That is the most comfortable app for sharing documents via the cloud AND supports printing without having AirPrint!



  5. I’m getting an unsupported version errror when I try to open my kdbx file in dropbox. I’m using keepass version 2.10 on my desktop. Please advise.

    1. Could you upgrade to the last version of keepass on your desktop and say me if you have still the problem ?

  6. thanks for 1.5

    – I Love the edit Funktion for my 2.x Database, so I just need a MAC OS X Client for 2.x DB to Be füll’s happy.

    – that’s what 8 Call a spash screen when the app starts 🙂 very fast gone hard to Tell what is wriggen on it ….

    – just an opinion I dislike the New Red/Blue color mix, Plain blue was OK for me

    Great App !!!

  7. Version 1.5 looks like I have got an issue !

    My Keepass 2.16 WIN client database has about 460 kb,
    after I used the edit feature of the bypass App 1.5 it was reduced
    to about 340 kb.

    After the edit operation I still can open the database on the iPhone and
    also on my iPad within the new kypass 1.5 App without any problems…

    BUT ….

    The now reduced Database can’t be opened again with the regular
    Windows KeePass 2.16 client. All I get is an error msg, that the database
    is broken.

    I restored to the last working version in WIN KeePass
    and used the iPhone APP again, I ended up with the same issue.

    My Database is on a dropbox account and is linked to Kypass
    on iPhone and iPad.

    Anyone else with the same issue ?

    1. I got the same issue
      I’m not able to write kdbx files back with corrupting them to KeePass 2.16.
      My file size was reduced by 40%.
      I also don’t see the custom fields from KeePass. I remember that the previous version showed those. (maybe i’m wrong)

      I like the new interface. The app responds much faster now

      1. Could you have a look at the ‘attachment’ section in KeePass.
        I ve created a TEST.kdbx file and synched it to Dropbox and KyPass on the iPhone.
        On te first startup I noticed that on opening a new database KyPass crashed.
        The second time went fine.
        1. KeePass new KDBX file.
        2. keePass change of sample username OK
        3. Sync to KyPass OK
        4. KeePass reopend TEST.kdbx OK
        5. KeePass Add custom field test with value test OK
        6. Sync to KyPass OK
        7. Changed username in KyPass OK
        8. Reopend database in KyPass OK
        9. KeePass added attachment in the attachment section OK
        10. Sync to KyPass OK
        11. Opened entry in KyPass, pushed Edit button + Done
        12. closed KyPass database
        13. KeePass Reopendatabase, after entering password ‘failed to load the specified file!’ ‘one of the items has a unrecognized format’

        My first impression there is a problem with embedded attachments.

  8. Commenting here before I write a review (4 star right now)

    First off — thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the 3rd KeePass app I’ve bought for my iPhone and the first one that actually works well enough for me to actually use! And it’s great to see you pick it up from where another dev left it.

    Using 1.5 with a kdb file on dropbox. I’ve noticed that if you modify the local copy of the db then those changes never sync back out. Or at least it didn’t work the one time I tried. Can you check on this?

    Also experienced a crash, perhaps related to the above: make a change, have db time out and relock. Cancel password entry, wait for dropbox resync. Select db. Crashed. Restarted app, everything worked fine.

    Really like the updated UI in 1.5. Would give it 5 stars if not for the change loss issue above (which is why I’m holding off on a review).

    Oh, and I’ll echo above request for associating .kdb and .kdbx with the app. Low priority feature though.

  9. I use Kypass 1.5 from 22. Aug. (in Help it stands: “Revision 1.1 August 15” (?? is this 1.5?)

    I linked KyPass to Dropbox but I cannot “see” the database in Dropbox in the folder “\Crypted”. Then I also created a database “test.kbd” in kypass but I cannot seen this on Dropbox.

    The app seems not to work for synchronisation.

  10. Security improvement suggestion –
    Storing the key file in the same location and with essentially the same file name as the data base file seems to defeat the purpose of having a keyfile in the first place. I would like to suggest an option to allow the keyfile to be selected from the media files on the device (for example, a image file in the DCIM directory, or a music file). Additionally, the keyfile name and location should not be “remembered” when restarting the application.


  11. (Reposting and enhancement request which may not have been posted properly)

    Key files are supposed to enhance the security of a KeePass database. But this is only true if the identity of the key file is itself kept secret. In the current implementation of KyPass, the database and key file are kept in the same location and essentially have the same name.

    Enhanced security can be achieved by allowing the key file to be stored at a different location from the database and allowing it to have an arbitrary name. For example, a media file (mp3 or jpg) can be used as a key file. The application should not remember the location of the key file such as not to divulge its identity.

    Would you please consider these enhancements for a future version of KyPass?

    Thanks for your great work.

  12. Hello,
    Does keyfiles work with kdbx files in v1.5.1?
    I’m still getting “Master password is not correct” (tried with several names of the keyfile).

      1. Hello,
        I cannot make it work.
        My db name is rco.kdbx
        I tried naming the key file:
        rco.kdbx.kdb (strange, but that is according to the recommendation above)

        No one works. To be sure I didn’t mispelled the password I pasted it.
        Any idea?

  13. Some requests:
    1. ability for dropbox .kdb field to be update by both iphone and ipad. both can see it, but entries added via iphone are not viewable via ipad
    2. password generator (see the PasswordWallet app as a good example)


  14. Request:

    Need to display image attachments. I keep an encrypted image which contains security codes required for me to log into certain websites.

  15. Also have a problem with the key files. Uploaded the key file as per the help file but KyPass does not seem to pick up on the key file. Keep getting error “Master password is not correct”. Keyfile and database names the same as per help file instructions.

    In post #37 it is said that the extension must be .kdb My key file extension is .key. My file names are database.kdbx and database.key

    How do I get this to work with keyfiles??


    1. extension must be .key (e.g.: if you filename is database.kdb, the key file extension have to be database.kdb.key)
      Do you see the file when you look the application with the iTunes sharing ?

      1. Thanks for the help. Got it working. My database file is database.kdbx so i changed the key file to database.kdbx.key and copied it via iTunes and it works fine now.

        Thanks- great app.

        1. Hello,
          Sorry but it still doesn’t work.
          I changed my password to be sure it’s not related to complex letter and used “tttt”. No way. Without keyfile it works perfectly, with keyfile I still get wrong password.
          My files are:
          – test.kdbx
          – test.kdbx.key
          I can see them though iTunes, and if, for example, I rename them to
          – test2.kdbx
          – test2.kdbx.key
          and I refresh on the iPhone, I see the new file (test2) but still gets “Master password is not correct”

          1. Do you send test2.kdbx.key via iTunes sharing or via web upload ?
            key file are not send via Dropbox for security reason.

  16. One more question. In the desktop Keepass application one can enter details under the ‘Advanced’ tab like for example pin number for a bank card or similar additional information. This information however do not show up in the KyPass application. The only fields showing is the username, password, website and comments.

    Is there any plans on making it possible to view all the additional information? I have plenty of information saved in the ‘Advanced’ tab for several items and being unable to see these in the KyPass application makes it a bit useless.

    I’m using the KeePassDroid application on my HTC Desire HD and on there I am able to view all these additional fields so I always have my passwords in my pocket. It would be great to have this on my iPad if possible.

  17. I have downloaded the app and uploaded my keepass 2 database exactly as described in the apps’s help instructions. Every time I try and use it, I get a message that the password failed. Furthermore it seems impossible to delete files – the screen just hangs

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