KyPass 1.3 is out

KyPass 1.3 is out.
The main feature is the support of the key file !

The name of the key file is the name of your keepass database followed by .key.
Thus, if your database is password.kdb, the key file is password.kdb.key.
For security reason Dropbox could not be used to synchronize this file, thus you have to use the function “upload from desktop” or use iTunes to send this file on KyPass.

The first time KyPass synchronizes your dropbox, it uses the /Crypted folder at the root of your dropbox directory.
Make sure that your kdb file are in this folder. (the filenames have to be lowercase for the moment)
If you want to use another folder, you could change in the settings panel.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I had a feeling that they key file support had something to do with the naming. However, I cannot seem to get it to work in the sense that the master password is always rejected. I should note that I also am using a kdbx file. In the above example, if my database was named “password.kdbx”, then my uploaded file “password.kdbx.key” does not appear to work.

    Incidently, is there a way to delete files when the KyPass HTTP server is active? I now have many copies of the same key in there but with different names.


  2. Hi, i just bought KyPass from the AppStore but I can’t use it because my masterkey contains german special characters like “Àâü”. There is no such problem on my Windows machine (KeePass 1.20), Linux (KeePassX) or Android (KeePassDroid). I sync the kbd1 file with Dropbox. It works without these special characters.

  3. Hi Mates,

    thanks for the key-file support in 1.3…

    Work really fine, but only with kdb (Keepass 1.x files !)..
    With kdbx (Keepass 2.x files) i can’t get it to work πŸ™

    Could you please check or will the 2.x support for key-files be implemeted later on ?

    Keep up your good work πŸ˜‰


      1. When will support of Key Files version 2.0 be added? 11 years have passed since your answer..
        Best regards, your regular user

  4. Where can I change the location of Theo keepass folder in dropbox. I noticed the folder /cry ted has been created, but can’t find a settings page to change that Folder?

      1. I can’t find the settings page to change the Crypted folder either. Please help. I can’t use the crypted folder on my PC due to firewall settings I can’t change as I am not the admin.

        1. Crypted folder is in your Dropbox folder. Thus, if you have access to Dropbox, the Crypted folder is not a problem.
          Otherwise, the settings of Kypass are in the main settings of your iPhone.

  5. Hi, I just bought KyPass. Dropbox sync does not work. I made the folder “/crypted” in the dropbox root and put some kdb-databases (version 1) produced with KeepassX (mac, linux) and Keepass (win) in this folder (all lower case). KyPass does not see any of the files. (Regular Dropbox on iPad shows the files) – What now?

      1. Nope. I already tried before. Nothing… I even uninstalled and reinstalled the application. Seems not to work on my iPad. Perhaps a problem caused by the latest update to iOs 4.3.4 yesterday?

        1. I forsake. Not one Euro plus 4 hours of testing all imaginable combinations is enough. I’ll wait for some update of this or a similar app. Pity!

          1. The following worked for me:
            1) I created a /Crypted directory in the root of my dropbox folder
            2) I copied my .kdbx into the dropbox /Crypted folder
            3) I opened KyPass and selected “link with dropbox”
            4) < 15 seconds later my .kdbx was showing in KyPass
            5) all works fine

  6. The firewall on my network prevents connection to Dropbox.
    Please excuse my ignorance and share a few more details on how to do this:

    “… thus you have to use the function Β« upload from desktop Β» or use iTunes to send this file on KyPass.”

      1. Interestingly enough,, web browser upload didn’t work. iTunes worked, but only with Master Password only. It didn’t like File Key + Master Password, but I didn’t care for that anyway. I am happy to have passwords on my phone — thank you for the great application.

  7. Thanks for your mail. No chance, tried everything, even complete reinstall, dropbox sync does not work in Kypass. I use the http-server option for now. This works.

    1. The simple way is to look for the /Crypted folder created by Kypass in your dropbox. Copy the kdbx (in lowercase) in this folder and run again Kypass.

  8. Just bought KyPass and like it already (coming from several other apps). Three small issues I found:

    #1) With DropBox sync, it seems to only sync when you are on the File List and pull down to refresh. Ideally, it should also try to sync when saving/adding a new entry.

    #2) I use KeePassX on the Mac, and there is also a lock file when the KDB file is opened on the Desktop. Would it be a big deal to honor those lock files?

    #3) Preserving sort order. Oddly enough, I have my “Folders” sorted in a specific order on KeePassX on the desktop (not alphabetical). However, when KyPass opens, it by default sorts alphabetically. When it saves and syncs, it overwrites the sort order. Not the end of the world, but very confusing for my brain which is very used to “MY” sort order πŸ™‚

    1. 1) Yes. I’m just afraid that you need more bandwidth in this case πŸ™‚ I’ll add this as an option
      2) This could be done… -> todo list πŸ™‚
      3) Also an interesting option.
      Thans for your comment

  9. Finally! a keepass app for iPhone that properly links to Dropbox and supports 2.x files! I have multiple computers setup with KeePass and they are all pointing at a single kdbx file that is on dropbox and now i can access it from my phone too! Fantastic! Thank you so much!

  10. I, too have had success with installing and configuring KyPass to work on an iPhone 3G with a Keepass 2.x kdbx file. It just worked. Having access to Keepass from multiple machines and from the iPhone makes it very easy to keep my passwords organized. Thanks for a great app.

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