KMSC #20: DS3D

This 20th entry (the last one ?) was created by Sylvain from Bilou HomeBrew’s Blog.
Here is his description:

maybe it’s too late, maybe it’s not.

Anyway, if i had plenty of time for DS coding, i’d be working on this: DS3d animator — animate 3D models in your living room.

– import 3DS models (as files on SD card or via WiFi)
– allow creation of composite models by drawing separate objects one after each others
– define anchors and “strings” between objects of one model, as well as a ‘rest position’ towards which the angle/distance between objects
– record animations out of touch input (e.g. by defining a target position and speed and let the character evolve to that location). Visualize the animation on upper screen
– colorize the 3D model
– stamp sprites on top of 3D objects (e.g. the eyes of the character, etc), from a sprite palette
– substitute one object with another to do “3D sprite” animation

And most importantly: save the generated animation in a way that will allow it to be imported in a 2D/3D game engine (either full 3D engine, or something à la new super mario bros.)


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