KMSC #17: Sandy

This 16th entry was created by Archagon
Here is his description:

A variation of the popular “falling sand game”.

Use the stylus to draw whichever element you’ve selected.
[The elements, from left to right: wall, water, sand, wax, oil, fire, plant, erase.
Pressing a button changes the palette to a second palette: spout, salt, and 6 modifiers. (water, sand, salt, and oil streams, pen size, and game speed)]
Start clears the screen.

The game works as follows: (not my invention)

* everything is made up of pixel-particles
* wall doesn’t react with anything, but can be worn away by fire
* water dissolves salt to create salt water, and sinks in oil
* salt water sinks in water
* wax slowly burns and drips down when exposed to fire
* oil rapidly combusts when exposed to fire
* plant rapidly spreads through water (not salt water), but is easily burned by fire
* spout generates water, but is dissolved by sand
* sand sinks in water
* there are 4 optional streams emanating from the top of the screen: water, sand, salt, and oil
* the liquid elements (water, salt water, sand, molten wax, oil, and salt) are affected by gravity

To see a variation of this game in action, go here:
Falling Sand Wiki:
There may be open source implementations floating about that could be ported.


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