This 16th entry was created by Archagon
Here is his description:

A Gameboy Color emulator. Features:

* game browser
* optional stretching w/preserved aspect ratio
* working saves
* working sound
* possible GB mono support
* turn-offable bottom screen in order to minimize distraction

I understand that coding (or porting) a GBC emulator for the Nintendo DS would be no easy task, but it’s really the last thing that the system needs in order to completely support every game in Nintendo’s portable lineup. Wouldn’t that be terrific?


0 thoughts on “KMSC #16: GBCDS”

  1. Heh ! Playing Link’s Awakening or Super Mario Land II on the DS would sure be terrific fun, especially with sound working (which lacks on most GB emulators, unfortunately).

    I wonder whether the DS hardware is compatible with GB hardware to the point enabling low-cpu sound emulation …

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