KMSC #10: TubeDS

This 10th entry was created by Moro
Here is his description:

It’s an stand-alone ( No internet browser ) app to search, download and play videos from youtube ( and if the coder wants, maybe from a lot of other similar webs ). It’s made of two parts :
Part 1: Video Search
Type using the keyboard on the bottom screen then press the GO button ( enter key… ) and results appear on the top screen. The top screens shows the essential info ( only text ) : Title, Duration, and 4 line description. You can scroll the page and select the videos with the d-pad ( i think it’s not necessary to swap screens… ) and the A-button. At the bottom of the page it’s the “results 1-20 of 7390” message and the page index. If you choose Download Only, the video will be downloaded ( flv file ) in a folder of your choice ( maybe new dialog or just set a directory in a settings file.. ) and you can open it after ( see part 2 ). If you choose Download & play the video will play while streaming, the most usual way…

Part 2: FLV player
The video will be showing at the top screen ( full screen ) and the controls are on the bottom screen. This part will be the first to appear on this app; from here you can open an flv file or you can search for it. The video will play automaticly ( you can play/pause with the start button ), if you’ve chosen download and play, the video will be streaming. If you choose save as… the video will be saved permanently in a folder, if you don’t do anything, any video you’ve seen will be stored in a cache folder ( so you don’t need to download it the next time you watch it ) this folder can be emptied touching the empty cache button.

tubeDS1 tubeDS2

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