Ketchup Mock-up: who ?

[lang_en]Still one week before the end of the compo.
We need comments about your compo. Thus don’t hesitate to put a link to your mockup on your website 🙂

I already could present the 5 selected developers:
Alekmaul, the Six Million Emulator Man.
Mollusk, the man who are responsible for 3/4 of the nds homebrew softwares.
Ariala, the Hot NDS Software Developer (she comes from Dijon).
Freemaan, the creator of IRCDS.
Redbug, me.

[lang_fr]Plus qu’une semaine avant la fin de la compo.
Si vous voulez des commentaires sur votre mockup, n’hésitez pas à faire un lien de l’article le concernant sur votre site personnel.

Je peux deja vous annoncer les 5 programmeurs qui developperont les applications de vos reves:
Alekmaul, l’homme aux mille émulateurs.
Mollusk, celui sans qui trois quart des homebrews sur Nintendo DS n’existerait pas.
Ariala, la programmeuse hot nds (elle nous vient de Dijon).
Freemaan, l’auteur de IRCDS.
Redbug, moi.

One thought on “Ketchup Mock-up: who ?”

  1. i don’t get this kmsc thing. are these just suggestions for programs that could be made or are they in development? who makes them, and why are they listed here.

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