KyPass Companion v1.7 4

The following app has been approved and the app status has changed to Ready for Sale:

App Name: KyPass Companion
App Version Number: 1.7
App Type: Mac OS X App

Google Drive sync problem in KyPass 3 4

KyPass couldn’t sync anymore kdb(x) file with Google Drive…

Google have change the way you could search file in Google Drive:

I used the query string ‘(title contains ‘kdb’) or (title contains ‘kdbx’)‘ to search keepass database on your drive. This query doesn’t return file with kdb or kdbx extension in title anymore.

The way to find these file is now ‘(fileExtension = ‘kdb’) or (fileExtension = ‘kdbx’)‘ that seems logical but that didn’t work before.


I’ll submit a bug fix version to Apple this weekend.


Until the new version, the workaround is to add (kdb) or (kdbx) in the title of your database on Google Drive :)