KyPass Companion v1.3 on the way

KyPass Companion v1.3 was sent to Apple today.

Here are the changes:

  • added view password button in ‘Master Password’ form.
  • icon of groups are editable.
  • shortcut ⌘L to lock database
  • resizable sidebar.
  • new powerful filter
  • (bug fix) modification & access date are now correct with kdbx.
  • (bug fix) fix in-memory protection field bug when the database is saved twice in the same session.
  • (bug fix) key file settings is now supported when using ‘save password in keychain’
  • (bug fix) fixed auto-lock when it’s disabled.
  • (bug fix) fix keepasshttp & quick list bug when ‘save password in keychain’ is checked.
  • (bug fix) fix second-level domains like,, …
  • (bug fix) remove 0 length attachment

Just a few days to wait :)

Disable title bar on OSX iPhone simulator

5 days ago, a user on Superuser would like to remove border and title from the iPhone Simulator when he use it for demonstration.

I like the idea and I accept the challenge!

My proposition (accepted) is:

The SimulatorBorderKiller.bundle file is a modified version of where I have changed the style mask of the window with NSBorderlessWindowMask.

It works and the result looks great.oqmcJ

It’s the first time that I use SIMBL and I see great possibility with this tools.


About copy to clipboard in KyPass v3.2

 Some of you tell me that they couldn’t copy text to the clipboard. You are wrong ! :) Capture d’écran du Simulateur iOS 19 févr. 2014 17.30.35
You have now to click on the field name to copy the field content to the clipboard.
Sorry for not telling it before…

KyPass v3.2 doesn’t work on iOS6

This is due the this function:
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(preferredContentSizeChanged:) name:UIContentSizeCategoryDidChangeNotification object:nil];
ios6 doesn’t support “Dynamic Text Size” and I didn’t check if this function exists on the running iOS.
This now fixed and a bug fix version will be sent to Apple in a few minutes ago.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

KyPass v3.2 is now available

What’s new ?

  • (bug fixe) keyfile is now saved.
  • New editing form.
  • Custom field are now editable (for kdbx database)
  • Dynamic Text Size
  • Added iCab Mobile & Chrome support.