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Tout et n’importe quoi

You love it! Thanks everyone!

KyPass v3 is already in the top 20 of 13 country in the productivity category.

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You love it! Thanks for that!

And thanks also for your comments:

Works perfect. I use it everyday!!! – ★★★★★
by 19lola90 – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 21 sept. 2013
I have used KeePass for years on my desktop. And I have been an happy user of KyPass for several versions. It is the only password manager I can find that provided the real-time sync between my desktop, iPhone and iPad and other features I needed. My devices are always in sync and I have my information at my fingertips no matter where I am. I think the upgrade cost was well worth every penny. I don’t know what all was fixed behind the scenes, but I do know when I run the app it works flawlessly EVERYTIME! No joke, I really like this app.

Love it – ★★★★★
by TheRoq – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 19 sept. 2013
TFunktioniert großartig zusammen mit Dropbox!

Perfetta – ★★★★
by FabyBg71 – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 21 sept. 2013
La utilizzo con gdrive e mi trovo benissimo. Ottima

The v3.0.1 will be approved in a few hours and I’m already working on the v3.1.

Again, thanks everyone!

And don’t forget: KyPass v3 is available for a special discount price of $1.99 until end of september. (80% rebate) !

KyPass tips #1

KyPass support various URI schemes in the URL field (http/https internal and all other schemes in their corresponding iPhone app)
iSSH have URI scheme support !

By typing <username> or <password> in the http field, <username> or <password> will be replaced by their value.

It means that you could enter ssh://<username>:<password> in one of your url field and KyPass will open iSSH with a authenticated session on

This page centralizes code samples for URI schemes available in many iPhone applications: