Ketchup Mock-up Spring Compo 2007: the results

Here are the results:

      Developer’s vote
  Game/App name Comments (by Freemaan) Arialia Mollusk Alekmaul Freemaan Redbug
1 ClubPenguin DS            
2 DSsh         5  
3 Flashplayer DS I’m not sure the CPU is enough for a full-featured flash player 2        
4 Stick Animator DS   1     2 3
5 NDS Canvas Concept       5    
6 Openoffice DS Direct port impossible ; the CPU is too slow to handle this. A simple text editor maybe possible.          
7 DS-110   5   2    
8 Band-In-A-DS            
9 DSnatcher Certainly some copyrights pbs if we do it          
10 TubeDS DS’s WiFi is too slow for this (max ~5-6kb/s), and the DS itself too…          
11 Fudge Packer         3  
12 Rhythm game     1   4  
13 Minigolf DS       3   5
14 NDS Words Concept   4 4      
15 ClouDS     3     1
16 GBCDS Some ports are already on the way     4    
17 Sandy Already exist as World of Sand   5     2
18 Videogames Manager     2 1    
19 DS MPC/sp-404   3        
20 DS3D It would be very difficult to do…          
21 HTTP Serv DS         1 4

Winners will be contacted by the developers to begin the projects.
Good luck for the Neoflash Summer 2007

7 thoughts on “Ketchup Mock-up Spring Compo 2007: the results”

  1. Bon, bin bon boulot à tous les codeurs, et bonne chance pour la Neo Summer …
    — Good luck for coders. Let’s see if that makes good homebrew for the Neo Summer compo

  2. whats the red/green, and also, whats the number mean?

    looks like i got a good position 😛

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