Daily Archives: 13 April 2007

KMSC #11: Fudge Packer

This 11th entry was created by John Magliano
Here is his description:

Essentially it is a game where you use the stylus to put the peices of fudge back into their respective shapes.

The Lines on the fudge help determine which side is up/down and right/left. Otherwise it would be nearly impossible since they
are all colored like fudge.

Time would be kept to determine the ‘score’ at the end of the fudge restoration process.
The concept picture is the closest I could come with what I am talking about. The brown pieces fit back into the black shape using the stylus.

So its basically a single colored puzzle with a fun name. But everyone loves puzzles!

Anyway like I said I know this mock-up compo is for applications but I thought I would send this anyway~!

fp00 fp01 fp03

KMSC #10: TubeDS

This 10th entry was created by Moro
Here is his description:

It’s an stand-alone ( No internet browser ) app to search, download and play videos from youtube ( and if the coder wants, maybe from a lot of other similar webs ). It’s made of two parts :
Part 1: Video Search
Type using the keyboard on the bottom screen then press the GO button ( enter key… ) and results appear on the top screen. The top screens shows the essential info ( only text ) : Title, Duration, and 4 line description. You can scroll the page and select the videos with the d-pad ( i think it’s not necessary to swap screens… ) and the A-button. At the bottom of the page it’s the “results 1-20 of 7390” message and the page index. If you choose Download Only, the video will be downloaded ( flv file ) in a folder of your choice ( maybe new dialog or just set a directory in a settings file.. ) and you can open it after ( see part 2 ). If you choose Download & play the video will play while streaming, the most usual way…

Part 2: FLV player
The video will be showing at the top screen ( full screen ) and the controls are on the bottom screen. This part will be the first to appear on this app; from here you can open an flv file or you can search for it. The video will play automaticly ( you can play/pause with the start button ), if you’ve chosen download and play, the video will be streaming. If you choose save as… the video will be saved permanently in a folder, if you don’t do anything, any video you’ve seen will be stored in a cache folder ( so you don’t need to download it the next time you watch it ) this folder can be emptied touching the empty cache button.

tubeDS1 tubeDS2