KMSC #8: Band-In-A-DS

This 8th entry was created by Moro
Here is his description:

This is a lightweight port of the windows app “Band-In-A-Box” which is a great and extremely useful app for musicians like me, it let’s you play with your computer ( now your DS! ) like if it was with a full band. It doesn’t need to have all the features of the original, but it will nice if it had the most important :

– You can create the armonical structure ( place the chords in the right measures… ).
– You can hear it, in different styles ( at least 10, like blues, rock, metal, bossa nova, jazz … ).
– You can select the instruments that will be playing with you ( touch the pink buttons to mute one of the instruments ).
– You can open midi files an band-in-a-box songs, and you can save the new songs you’ve just made.

The app works like Nitrotracker, you need to swap the screens to change between the arranger and the sounds. You can select measure ( and it’s two halfs ) with the d-pad ( or swapping screens ) and fill in the right chord with the “chord keyboard”. It could be nice that an app like band-in-a-box goes portable, it will let you play and practice anywhere in a better and more useful way than playing alone.

Band1 Band2

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